HSM B34 Cross Cut Shredder

HSM B34 Cross Cut Shredder

The HSM Securio B34 is an efficient and modern shredder – perfect for a medium sized office!

Document Shredding is a necessity. Why not make it as pleasant as possible?

Data security in the office has already become an everyday matter of course. This applies both to complying with data protection laws and the protection of intellectual property rights of a company and of privacy. HSM Shredders provide reliable document shredding with intelligent economic energy management and consistent user-friendliness designed to integrate harmoniously into a modern office environment. -

  • With a single control key you can select the different function modes: start stop and permanent mode.
  • Return mode is started automatically if a paper jam occurs (apart from HSM B22). You can press the ‘R button if you wish to control the reversing function yourself.
  • You can view the filling level at any time through the transparent front window.
  • The emptying interval has been extended by the large waste container.
  • Great emphasis was placed on the operating sound during the design and development phase as a result the HSM shreds your documents very quietly.

Reliable shredding of digital data media

  • HSM document shredders reliably shred CDs credit cards and store cards
  • depending on the cutting type and size.
  • HSM Document shredders are optionally equipped with a separate CD cutting unit for shredding CDs and DVDs in two versions (for particle size 3.9 x 40mm and in high security OMDD (particle size 2.2 x4mm))
  • State of the art waste separation by means of a separate collection system for paper and CDs (model B24 or above)

Ideal operating and operator safety

  • Folding safety element for optimum protection of the operator with contact protection and integrated service flap.
  • The PAPERcontrol function for measuring the paper thickness makes it easy to conveniently avoid paper jams (B34 and P44).
  • An automatic oiler ensures a consistently high cutting capacity and quality. It prevents paper jams and heavy wear (particle cut versions). Optional external automatic oiler for the B24 B32 and B34 models.

HSM and the principle of sustainability

HSM stands for quality ‘Made in Germany’ and for durable products which will not loose their value in the future and work energy-efficiently already today. These principles of sustainability and the sense of responsibility apply not only to HSM machines but also to the production process material selection and use of energy within the company. We cannot think in the short-term today for the generations of tomorrow.

Saving energy to help the environment

  • Automatic shutdown functions: HSM shredders automatically switch to energy-saving sleep mode two minutes after use i.e unnecessary consumption is avoided and you save up to 30% energy. If you now feed the shredder with paper it will automatically start again.
  • Automatic switch-off: HSM shredders switch off completely if it is not used for an hour. As a result no valuable energy is wasted at night or at the weekend. It is immediately operational again at a press of the control key.
  • Permanent mode: the control key is pressed four seconds and the shredder activated for continuous operation in the event of large amounts of documents. It automatically returns to stand-by mode if it is not used.
  • Saving energy: the intelligent EMSC energy management saves you up to 90% power consumption compared to a standard standby circuit. The HSM Securio B22 model is equipped with zero energy standby which means it does not consume any power in standby mode.


  • Also shreds credit cards store cards and CDs
  • Intake width: 310 mm
  • Available as strip-cut version in security level 2
  • Available as particle-cut version in security levels 3 4 5 and HS level 6
  • Removable reusable collecting bag: 100 l
  • Device height: 845 mm
  • Automatic reverse in the event of a paper jam
  • EMCS (energy management and control system): automatic shutdown function automatic switch-off permanent mode
  • Special CD waste bag for separating and sorting the shredded material
  • Mobile on rollers
  • Option: PAPERcontrol for measuring the paper thickness – prevents paper jams
  • Option: external automatic oiler for consistently high cutting capacity and quality (particle-cut models)
Cutting Type Particles Particles Particles Particles
Cutting size in mm 4.5 x 30 1.9 x 15 0.78 x 11 1 x 5
Security level DIN 32757-1 3 4 5 HS level 6
Cutting capacity in 70 g/m2 sheets 22 - 24 14 - 16 9 6
Cutting capacity in 80 g/m2 sheets 19 - 21 12 - 13 8 5
Cutting speed in mm/s 60 60 60 60
Intake width in mm 310 310 310 310
Motor 590 W 590 W 590 W 590 W
Voltage / frequency 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Size (W x D x H) in mm 541 x 439 x 845 541 x 439 x 845 541 x 439 x 845 541 x 439 x 845
Weight in kg 42 42 42 42
Container/collection volume in litres 100 100 100 100
Suitable for paper and Cards, paperclips, CDs Cards, paperclips Paperclips