Pitney Bowes Support | New Zealand

Agreements & Finance


For over 19 years Pitney Bowes Credit has been providing high quality Financial Services to customers throughout Australia. Organisations can take advantage of flexible financing options that conserve capital and facilitate solutions to suit your budget.

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Product Installation

Our Installation Services manage your equipment installation processes from start to finish. We set up hardware and software, perform necessary configurations, and train operators to ensure that you optimise their equipment investment. We help minimise equipment start-up time and maximise operating efficiency.

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Product Training

Get the most value from your Pitney Bowes assets through our product operator training programs. Customised on site training ensures you maximise the features and functionality of your Pitney Bowes Solutions.

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Service Level Agreements

We offer a range of service level agreements to help you maximise business productivity and keep your mail and packages moving. Let's face it; keeping your mailstream running smoothly is vital to your business. Any interruption can cost you valuable opportunities and lost productivity. To help ensure your business keeps operating at peak efficiency, count on Pitney Bowes.

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