Explore, process, interpret and visualise 3D earth models and data.

Discover PA enables users to see and compare all the line data, profiles, grids, modelling, images, drillholes, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment.

Explore, process, interpret and visualize 3D earth models and data with Discover PA 3D earth model software.

Discover PA 3D analysis software enables users to see and compare a range of data in a single interactive interpretation environment.

Revolutionary data analysis and modeling with Discover PA 3D earth model software

The Discover PA family of interpretation products will change the way you work by making it easy to explore, interpret and realize data and models of the earth.

Expect the best outcomes from Discover PA

Discover PA 3D earth model software provides a tool that is suited to interactive interpretation and consistent presentation of outputs from all software applications. The dynamics, interaction and ease of use make this an essential tool to ensure the delivery of best outcomes.

This inventive 3D earth model software allows users to:

  • create exciting maps, images and 3D displays
  • create profiles, logs and sections
  • communicate interpretations
  • influence exploration decisions
  • explore the limits of data
  • prepare the ultimate presentation
  • fly live through a 3D project
  • collaborate with colleagues
  • link to other software
  • enhance primary data
  • ensure effective decision making

Versions of Discover PA

The 3D earth model software suite includes Discover PA Professional, PA Explorer and our free Discover viewer.

Discover PA Explorer

Discover PA Explorer contains all visualization methods (in curve profiles, section profiles, 2D maps and 3D displays) data linking import utilities and basic processing conversion and most display utilities.

Discover PA Professional

Discover PA Professional includes all modules available in PA Explorer 3D earth model software plus a number of additional utilities for extending the interpretation functionality of Discover PA such as digitizing features in 1D 2D and 3D.

Discover Viewer

Discover Viewer is a freely distributable version of Discover PA. It allows all Discover PA and Discover 3D session files to be viewed and printed without a licensed installation with the limitation of not allowing changes to the properties of any views.

Fast expert results with Discover PA 3D earth model software

Discover PA is very easy to use and quick to learn. First time users look like experts due to the intuitive drag and drop capabilities, wizards and library of templates and components available in this 3D earth model software.

Discover PA is designed for geoscience collaboration between geophysicists, geologists, geochemists and engineers. The 3D earth model software supports a range of visualization styles, advanced processing techniques, interpretation and analysis tools, data connectors and custom presentation templates.

This innovative 3D earth model software’s visualization is peerless in its diversity, capability, ease of use and outcomes.

A wide range of 3D earth model software tools

Interpretation tools range from easy anomaly picking through to advanced 3D model editors, allowing the most appropriate tool to be selected for the task. Either build complex 3D geological models including strate faults and intrusions or just simple anomalous point lines or zones.

FFT filtering and transformation is demystified by providing real-time previews of your processing sequence and easy parameter selection and guidance. In addition Discover PA 3D earth model software provides the most advanced suite of filtering options commercially available for magnetic and gravity interpretation.

2D and 3D grids (meshes) can be built from point and line data using a variety of gridding algorithms. Advanced function calculators in the 3D earth model software provide tools for the logical and functional manipulation of points, lines, grids, voxels and geological features.

  • 2D Maps
  • 3D Feature Digitizing
  • 3D Solid Generator
  • 3D Surfaces
  • Data Integration
  • Drillholes
  • Flight Simulator
  • Graphs & Scattergrams
  • Profiles

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