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MapInfo Discover has been the leading Geographical Information System (GIS) for the exploration and mining industry for close to 20 years. The package specializes in data collection, technical data management, geographical information analysis, integration, modelling and visualization.

MapInfo Discover for MapInfo Pro is the preferred geographical information system package for geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and database administrators.

Geographical information system software designed by geoscientists for geoscientists

Since its release in 1994 MapInfo Discover with MapInfo Pro has become the premier geographical information system for geoscientists and businesses in the natural resources sector. Crucially the software has been developed by a team of practicing geoscientists with wide experience in the natural resources industry.

MapInfo Discover aims to:

  • integrate data from multiple sources in a unified geospatial environment
  • provide specialists with the most up-to-date tools in a powerful but easy-to-use framework.

MapInfo Discover with MapInfo Pro

Together MapInfo Discover and MapInfo Pro provide a geographical information system package with a range of general-purpose and specialized capabilities for geoscience professionals. These include:

Geographical information analysis:

  • State-of-the-art analytical tools capable of revealing trends and associations in information previously hidden by traditional methods.
  • An extensive range of statistical geostatistical graphical modeling and visualization tools that recognize trends and anomalies in multi-variate data acquired from multiple sources.
  • Assists in the identification and elimination of false anomalies in geographical information that can arise from sampling and assaying errors or geological bias.

Data Modeling:

  • A comprehensive set of surface gridding tools suitable for modeling contouring and visualizing any type of information from geographical geochemical geophysical hydrogeological meteorological topographic chemical and environmental surveys.
  • A wide selection of gridding algorithms to create surface models from located point line and region values. Resulting grid values can be queried and modified with a versatile collection of transformation tools.
  • Compute curvature slope aspect volumes and other surface properties or use the versatile grid calculator to derive values from user-defined expressions.

Capture spatial information:

  • Accurately and efficiently capture spatial information from historical maps for the evaluation of sampling data grid creation or to enhance geographical maps and sections.
  • Sophisticated digitizing and object editing tools ensure users maximize the value of all forms of data both electronic and physical.

Create maps:

  • Make professional maps of any size and scale incorporating all related spatial data objects filtered and sun-shaded grids contours graphics overlays geo-located raster images structural symbols legends graphs tables scale bars and other mapping objects.

Enhanced Workflow:

  • A rich set of productivity tools enhances the experience of MapInfo Pro users in addition to some specialized utilities for geoscientists.
  • Enhanced set of layer window table and data information tools comprises a multitude of shortcuts and useful new functions which make complex and repetitive tasks easy to perform.

Evaluate geographical information system data:

  • The feature-packed Drillhole module enables the visualization and performance of detailed analyses of drillholes and costeans in cross-sections and plans.
  • The true spatial context of all data is maintained allowing the overlay of all other real-world GIS information. This might include geophysical modelling geological and regolith mapping interpolated geochemical surfaces and topographic grids.

A geographical information system customized for geoscience applications

MapInfo Discover allows users to:

  • Build geological datasets
  • Produce high-quality scaled geological maps with titleblocks map grids legends structural symbols and more
  • Compile drillhole data and create cross-sections plans and logs
  • Create filter contor profile manipulate color and analyze gridded surfaces
  • Analyze and visualize geochemical information
  • Rectify unprojected raster images
  • Create graphs with maintained spatial links for interactive analysis
  • Enhance GIS productivity via an extensive range of data object table and map windows utilities
  • Connect to other geological systems databases and file formats
  • Control the MapInfo Pro workspace with a real-time enhanced layer control
  • Optionally display your GIS data in 3D with MapInfo Discover 3D
  • Integrate with a field GIS through Discover Mobile


  • Professional Map Tools
  • Drillholes
  • Surface Gridding
  • Hydrology
  • Productivity Tools
  • Data Analysis
  • Tenement Management

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This release is available only to users with valid Maintenance and Technical Support (MATS) for both MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Discover who have been issued with, or converted to, the bundled product.

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