Boundary Data

Pitney Bowes boundary data is essential in industries where search, discovery and business analytics are critical to success.

Locally relevant boundaries such as neighbourhoods, streets and points of interest that define where customers spend their time and money.

Business location guidance

Boundaries allow the user to perform a host of geographic and analytical functions enabling them to visualise and manipulate data for map representation. Administrative and postcode boundaries provide clients the ability to locate their customers, to define retail catchment and sales territories.

Enrich location data

Link company data to accurately locate and communicate with customers and constituents for business and trend analysis.  Boundaries allow clients to enrich their data by providing a link between different data assets (e.g. a postcode or municipality name, and to visualise a wide array of data such as creating a variety of thematic maps).

Avoid risk

Presenting data by geographic areas and boundaries allows clients to analyse different datasets, measure and benchmark from environmental impact to risk, from consumer expenditure to the number of small office or home office businesses.

Boundary data portfolio