Dataset for street, address, transport and points of interest

Fully attributed vector dataset containing street, address, transport, land use, water and points of interest data. StreetPro is more than a base map, it is a detailed, interactive, editable and searchable dataset. With it, you can perform a host of geographic, and spatial functions that you cannot perform with base maps such as Bing and Google. StreetPro is available for over 70 countries worldwide, including more than 30 in Europe and 10 in the Asia Pacific region.

Industry Benefits

Financial Services and Insurance

Assist financial and insurance companies to perform fraud and risk analysis. It does this by locating customers, incidents and areas of risks to identify geographic relationships.


Support retailers as they define catchments, identify routes and drivetimes for logistics.


Telco companies can use street data to identify the addresses able to access networks, wireless and broadband services.

Public Sector

Support public planning or resource planning to understand the local environment and the impact decisions may have, where and on whom.

StreetPro is available in four versions

World StreetPro

Ideal for country wide mapping and visualisation applications.

StreetPro Display

Optimised for applications that need more detail but also need to draw, label  and render quickly


A fully featured dataset with complete connectivity in the network, including available street address ranges

StreetPro Navigation

Includes all of the detail of StreetPro plus invaluable navigation attributes such as one way streets and turn restrictions.  StreetPro Navigation also includes available vehicle dimension restrictions and speed profiles