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Get real-time indexing, compression, storage, and data retrieval - all easily integrated into your company's website.

Data & Document Archiving

In the digital information age, data archiving is become increasingly essential to business efficiency. Vault provides your organisation with instant access to years' worth of stored data, including statements, policies, and correspondence.

Vault's advanced document archiving capabilities provide real-time indexing, compression, storage, and data retrieval and can be easily integrated into any company website.

Secure and efficient data archiving

Vault is a high volume, high performing document and data repository offering many secure and efficient features:

  • Advanced compression technology indexes and processes in real-time.
  • Thousands of concurrent users can instantly access documents, regardless of document size or age.
  • High volume documents are available to auditors, clients, healthcare providers, plan administrator, and employees in a highly secure shared repository.
  • Generate CDs, DVDs or FTP delivered images with integrated searching and viewing to eliminate paper copies and costly reprints.
  • Data archiving capabilities are easily integrated with internal applications and third-party systems for greater efficiency.
  • Industry standard hardware is used for storage and retrieval to eliminate expensive and high maintenance storage devices.

Upgrade your data archiving capabilities to Vault today

Vault is an ideal solution for meeting ever-increasing data storage needs, whether driven by business expansion or regulatory requirements. You'll have instant access to seemingly infinite documents and data elements, increasing both organisational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

See what your customer sees in seconds, with Vault's real-time data archiving, search, and retrieval capabilities.

Key Features of Vault

If you're looking for data archiving solutions for your business, Vault's outstanding features make it the perfect option.

High-end performance

Vault provides you with high-end performance so you can increase efficiency and improve customer care standards throughout your organisation. Vault can:

  • Provide you with unrivalled document storage and retrieval capability, thanks to its advanced compression technology
  • Index and process more than 2.5 million pages per hour in real-time
  • Allow multiple users to instantly access documents
  • Enable you to access documents online within hours of a production run, as documents are loaded quickly with no disruption to operations

Secure document storage

Our data archiving software holds your documents in a secure, shared repository, so you can be sure that they can be accessed quickly, but only by the people you want to access them. Vault enables you to:

  • Store high-volume documents in highly secure environment, whilst enabling you to access them quickly and easily
  • Provide access to both documents and data sources to support any type of web presentment or self-care application your organization deploys
  • Store the original, native print streams including all point-in-time resources
  • Store and retrieve both system-generated documents and XML, as well as non-system-generated data and documents, such as scanned images
  • Archive and retrieve scanned images such as invoices, contracts and support documents and link back to customer data

Efficient and cost-effective

Vault allows you to archive your data and documents in a streamlined and easily accessible way. It also has superb print viewing and reprinting capabilities, so you can eliminate unnecessary paper copies and avoid making costly reprints.

With our data archiving software, you can:

  • Create a fully indexed and searchable subset of the archive with the Vault Mobile tool
  • Generate CDs, DVDs or FTP delivered images which can be searched and viewed
  • Select pages in a multi-million-page print run, view documents to ensure they're correct, and then create this subset for use on the original production printer.

Simple to integrate and maintain

Our data archiving software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and is easy to maintain, helping you to reduce your business's hardware, maintenance and IT support costs.


  • Can be configured with other internal or third-party applications easily, so you can search for and view documents through your preferred interface
  • Is simple to integrate with most business systems, including accounting, billing, customer care, call center and CRM applications
  • Provides you with real-time storage and retrieval functions using industry standard hardware, eliminating the need for expensive and high maintenance storage devices
  • Utilizes full HSM support for data migration based on your business process requirements

For more information about Vault, our data and document archiving software, contact us.


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