Transform Your Most-Read Communications into Highly Targeted, Multichannel Engagements That Cut Costs, Increase Satisfaction and Drive Profits

Customer Engaged Billing

Download this whitepaper to learn best practices for creating communications that are more personal, relevant and engaging than ever before.

With opt-out rates on the rise, you need to take advantage of every interaction. Discover how you can reach a new level of customer engagement by turning statements into highly personalised experiences with customised formats, more compelling offers and true self-service convenience.

Pitney Bowes provides an end-to-end solution that joins real-time analytics with high-speed multichannel output to engage customers in more relevant ways.

Start with accurate, easy-to-understand designs. Add speed and reliability. Now customise formats for each customer and automatically generate content based on insight and analytics. Extend that experience to call centres, websites and mobile apps. The result: reduced costs and greater revenue.

Powerful, Personalised Statements at Production Speeds
Our end-to-end statement solution automatically adjusts on-the-fly based on the preferences of each customer. Generating thousands of pages per second, Pitney Bowes helps you integrate data, templates, profiles and preferences and more. Design easy-to-understand statements, adding customised tables, colour, and attention-grabbing graphics quickly and easily.

Built-In Intelligence for Driving Best-Next-Action
Customer profiles, transaction histories and prior interactions are scored automatically, in real time, to recommend the best-next-action on a customer-by-customer basis. Flexible business rules drive messaging, including images, logos, graphics and text, to bolster your most-read communications to achieve vital marketing, compliance or operational goals.

Every interaction informs the next, as messaging is updated on-the-fly, even as customers move between channels.

Centralised Print and Digital Output Management
A single system manages print and digital output, so every customer will receive bills and statements formatted specifically for their preferred channels, including print/mail, web, mobile, email and SMS. Call-centre agents even have access to the same documents and recommendations, so you can deliver the same experience anytime, anyplace.

  • Present information more clearly to reduce the cost of customer service: Let your customers see your organisation in a brand-new way.

  • Drive results through effective and relevant customer offers: Engage your customers with offers designed specifically for them.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by engaging customers based on their needs and preferences: Discover what your customers really want.