Why use an Asset Management System? 


Maintaining infrastructure is a fundamental Local Government service. Councils need the capability to manage huge amounts of data across assets including roads, bridges and structures, buildings, parks and open spaces, street lights and signs, trees, property, pipelines and open spaces. In order to maintain assets effectively and comply with Road Management Plans and other legislative requirements Councils need to know where assets are located, what condition they are in, who is responsible for repairs and ensure they work to optimal maintenance regimes. Over the last 20 years Pitney Bowes Software has worked with over 150 Local Government customers to develop unparalleled expertise in supporting these business processes in a single point of truth system.

Confirm is a Proven Solution

Confirm is a proven infrastructure management solution that enables the integration of key Council systems; CRM, GIS, Finance and Assets. These are fundamentally the ‘Who, What and Where’ components that are common to every asset a Council manages and service they provide. By tracking, modifying and analysing data about your portfolio of assets, better decisions can be made about future management of and investments in those assets. Maintenance, refurbishment, acquisitions, disposals and day-to-day operation and management are all made more effective. In addition, asset valuation data can be transferred to the corporate Finance System to ensure the General Ledger accurately reflects the organisations position with respect to assets.

Customer service requests are managed using Confirm CRM to log details about particular assets kept in the Confirm Asset Register. GIS can be used to dynamically report on and visualise these requests as a means of auditing, but can more importantly improve the quality of these requests on entry by identifying correct assets, people and locations which are fundamental to every customer request. Infrastructure asset inspections, maintenance, valuations, auditing and reporting are managed through Confirm Enterprise as a single point of truth system.

Infrastructure assets will have significant spatial information attached, being able to map work orders and routine maintenance in the current GIS allows greater visibility of data resulting in better inter-department communication and increased accuracy of corporate information.

Property and asset locations are managed through the developed integration with PB Software’s GIS products. Single point of truth referencing to GIS data allows the Assets and CRM systems to collaborate effortlessly.

Confirm Delivers on Functionality

The Confirm asset management solution is a highly modular system and features a broad range of functionality designed specifically to assist Local Government usage in areas including:

  • Asset Registration
  • Customer Services
  • Asset Valuation
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Condition Surveys
  • Contract Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Works Management
  • Pavement Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Reporting