Spectrum Spatial Analyst – Web Mapping Software

Quickly gain location-based insights and easily communicate with your audience.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an out of the box web mapping application that is quick to implement, easy to use, and requires no custom development or lengthy training. Users can quickly view, share, query and understand critical business and location-based data – all within their favourite desktop browser or mobile device.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst Features

Generate value immediately

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is ready to use and designed to deliver rapid ROI.

Interactive web mapping

Reduce dependency on the GIS experts and allow users to self-serve through an interactive online portal.

Embed maps and more

Easily embed maps and other location-based capabilities into your web site or third party application.

Mobile ready

HTML5 design ensures support for standard desktop browsers as well as popular mobile and touch devices including iOS, Android and Windows.

Simple administration

Easily create map configurations, assign permissions, customise functionality and more.


User or role-based access ensures that your users only have access to the information that they have permissions for.

Customisation and integration

JavaScript API’s offer straightforward customisation and seamless integration with existing applications.

Reliability and scalability

Easily accommodate more users as well as more complex spatial data and imagery as your business grows.


Rapidly share insights

  • Enhance collaboration by rapidly sharing insights with colleagues and partners
  • Fast, easy access to current information about the location of assets and services enables organisations to make smarter, more effective decisions

Reduce the burden on your GIS staff

  • Providing 24x7 self-service access to location based information frees up GIS staff to focus on more strategic activities
  • As a fully developed, ready to use application, Spectrum Spatial Analyst is easily implemented resulting in a quick return on investment

Flexible, scalable and IT friendly

  • Spectrum Spatial Analyst is a fully functioning, out-of-the-box web mapping application, but can be customised and scaled as your organisations needs grow
  • No end user install or plug-ins, users simply need a web browser (on either desktop or mobile devices) to access their application

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing 24x7 self-service access to location based information from any device and improve efficiency through reduced customer service calls