Distribute incoming mail quickly and accurately

SendSuite® Tracking

SendSuite package tracking and delivery software automates the receipt and distribution of important and time-sensitive mail. It ensures you always deliver the correct item to the correct person as quickly as possible – however many locations you have to service.

SendSuite Tracking ensures you know the real-time status of any mail item, so if asked, you can report precisely where it is in the delivery chain. This ensures all mail is handled securely and with optimum efficiency, so you’ll meet the expectations of both the recipient and the sender.

Optimum productivity

SendSuite Tracking helps you to get the job done with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. It will:

  • Help eliminate errors from illegible handwriting
  • Reduce time spent responding to status inquiry calls
  • Effectively manage delivery and route schedules through route activity logging
  • Easily track both mail pouches and the individual content of each container
  • Quickly determine the destination of “mystery mail”

Accurate information

SendSuite™ Tracking allows you to gather and store a wide range of information. It then allows you to create reports that show whether your staff and your business are achieving targets or exceeding service level agreements. This information is invaluable when preparing budgets, doing annual performance reviews or when making a pitch to win new customers.

High-levels of security

If you’re uncertain or suspicious about an incoming item of mail, SendSuite™ Tracking allows you to take up to four pictures. Then, before you make the delivery, you can ask the addressee whether this piece of mail was expected. Adding the pictures you’ve taken to the email you send will help the address to make an informed decision about the suspicious mail.

SendSuite™ Tracking is also designed with a number of security features to ensure all mail is handled with maximum security.

Effective claims for damage

Trying to claim compensation for damaged mail can be a real headache. SendSuite™ Tracking allows you to take pictures of the mail item in question. Once the damage has been accurately documented, you can share your visual evidence with originators via email to expedite replacements and claim compensation.

Leading edge technology

The technology used by SendSuite™ Tracking simplifies deployment, maintenance and updates as compared to traditional client/server technologies.

Create the reports your business needs

With SendSuite Tracking, it’s easy to undertake extensive analysis of how your business is performing. This is because SendSuite™ Tracking utilises Crystal Reports, the industry leader in report creation and generation.

Crystal Reports provides the flexibility to create reports tailored to the needs of your business. For example, you’ll quickly and simply be able to access daily reports on, amongst other things:

  • Mail received and mail delivered
  • Damage to mail
  • Route activity
  • Productivity

Stay well informed

No one likes to be asked a question they can’t answer. With SendSuite Tracking, you’ll always have the information you need to:

  • Keep customers, budget holders, your manager and shareholders informed of how you’re performing against service level agreements
  • Identify trends so you can respond appropriately
  • Identify best practice so it can be shared, and areas for improvement identified so mitigating action can be taken
  • Reward, motivate and give accurate feedback to staff
  • Manage costs and budgets so your business stays profitable
  • Prove to potential customers the high levels of service they could expect if you managed the receipt and distribution of their mail

From the time the mail arrives at your premises to the time it’s delivered, SendSuite Tracking helps you get the job done fast and with minimum errors. It uses a simple, five-step process to ensure your business delivers mail at optimum efficiency.

1. Check in

Items are scanned into the system giving you proof of the date and time each item was received.

You can also capture images of items. These can then be used to prove damage was done before you took receipt. Or if an item seems suspicious, an image can be emailed to the addressee asking if the item is expected.

2. Manifest

Outstanding deliveries are transferred onto handheld portable data collectors that are used to complete deliveries. A paper or electronic delivery manifest is automatically created for your staff, so speeding up the delivery process.

3. Deliver

SendSuite™ Tracking automatically sets up your internal daily deliveries by department, mail stop or delivery route, based on your established delivery routing rules.

It allows you to record successful deliveries, attempted deliveries or refused deliveries to defined mail stops or locations or to end users. It can also record that someone came and collected an item.

It can also send an email alert to inform a recipient that their mail is en route.

4. Review

Data is transferred from the handheld portable data collectors onto the SendSuite™ Tracking base system either via cradle synchronisation or wireless connection.

Fielding status enquiries is simple. Package location information is available at the touch of a button, via the web. This allows you to deal efficiently with customer service enquiries and to monitor the productivity levels of your staff.

5. Report

The powerful, in-built reporting capability of SendSuite™ Tracking allows you to demonstrate how costs are being reduced while accuracy of delivery is improving; in summary, that you’re exceeding your service level agreements.

Improve the service you offer

If you’d like to discuss how SendSuite Tracking can help your business, request more information and someone from Pitney Bowes will contact you soon.