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The implementation of ConfirmConnect has been a success, allowing us to see significant efficiencies in field operation processes and job completion.
Eric Braslis, General Manager, City Infrastructure – City of Ballarat

The Confirm® professional services group are ISO 9001 compliant and Gold standard members of the Learning & Performance Institute.

We have a proven track record of deploying complex systems on time and within budget.

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By using our skilled and experienced staff as an extension of your own team, the cost and time of implementation can be carefully controlled, allowing you to maximise the value of your investment in Confirm®.

Our services include project management, consultancy services and application and process review. We offer full capability managed services, infill services, product training and knowledge share. We can also help you to reduce your operating costs, review and optimise your businesses processes.

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Confirm has helped us focus on the thing that really matters - providing the best possible service to our community.
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