Customer Engagement

Security First Insurance improves customer service with personalised interactive videos from Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video helps Security First Insurance explain individual policies to each customer.

Client profile

Privately owned Florida insurance company

About 125 employees and more than 250,000 policyholders

Offers homeowners, condominium owners and renters insurance

Business goals

Help customers better understand policies

Improve customer service

Increase customer engagement 


55 percent of customers contacted watch their personalised videos

76 percent of those viewing the video watch for at least four minutes

Customer service, engagement and loyalty improved

Technologies used

EngageOne® Video - Interactive Real-Time Content

Video has never been so personal and interactive. Compelling two-way customer experiences boost sales, service, satisfaction and profits.

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"Customers get unhappy when their homes are damaged, they need to file a claim, and they don't have the coverage they thought they had." Ben Bomhoff
Vice President of Enterprise Systems
Security First Insurance

In a marketplace crowded with regional home insurers offering low-cost policies, Security First Insurance wanted to distinguish itself via the customer experience it provides. In short, Security First Insurance wanted to make and keep its customers happy. But that can be challenging when many consumers have a hard time reading long, complicated homeowners policies and are sometimes disappointed in their coverage as a result. 

Business need

Security First Insurance wanted to create a customer experience entertaining enough to make customers want to learn about the coverage and limitations of their policies. The company also wanted a product that would help engage customers throughout the policy lifecycle. Security First Insurance felt that personalised videos could help meet these goals. 


Pitney Bowes EngageOne® Video, part of the Pitney Bowes Customer Engagement Suite, helps organisations deliver personalised, interactive communications to their customers. Consumers can control and interact with these videos, determining which parts they'd like to view, and when. Video capabilities can also help drive behaviour across the customer lifecycle through targeted “best next engagement” recommendations: directing viewers to read a company's blog, contact one of its sales representatives, or visit an online customer service centre, for example.

Working with Security First Insurance, Pitney Bowes developed an animated seven-minute personalised interactive video targeting policyholders insuring single-family homes. The video begins with a friendly spokes-character addressing the customer by name and inviting her or him to explore personalised information on coverage types, deductibles, billing processes and available discounts. The video then discusses the viewer's coverage and its limitations, explaining technical terms in the process. Hyperlinked buttons appearing on the screen allow the viewer to navigate from section to section. The conclusion invites viewers to access the company website and home safety blog. 


"Working with Pitney Bowes, we were able to produce a personalised video ... that connects with people, one that they actually want to view." Ben Bomhoff,
Vice President of Enterprise Systems
Security First Insurance

Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video has improved the customer experience at Security First Insurance by helping consumers better understand their coverage and by improving customer engagement.

Customer response rates

The company has emailed 52,000 links to personalised videos over the last year. The open rate is 55 percent, according to Ben Bomhoff, Vice President of Enterprise Systems. Seventy-six percent of those opening the email watch the video through to about the four-minute mark, receiving the video's most important coverage messages.

Forging deeper connections

At a deeper level, the video engenders stronger ties between the insurance company and its policyholders by directing viewers to the Security First Insurance customer portal and blog. As consumers continue to check in with the company, their feelings of loyalty to Security First Insurance may grow, making them more likely to renew their policies.

Building upon success

Building on the success of its video for consumers with single-family homes, Security First has also produced a personalised interactive video for customers buying condominium insurance. It plans to soon produce videos for people buying renter's insurance and for renewal customers. Eventually, the company hopes to use personalised interactive videos to attract new policyholders, emailing video links to prospects who request quotes via the corporate web site.