Optimise Digital Self Service for Lower Costs and More Personalised Interactions

Digital Self Service

Watch our video on the connected consumer for ways to balance operational stability with interactive agility to create more meaningful personalised self-service.

From leading e-commerce web sites to social media, today’s consumers expect world-class digital capabilities. At the same time, organisations are looking for ways to lower operational costs with the help of digital self-service solutions. This is an area where customer relationships can be built or buried.  

Superior e-billing from Pitney Bowes delivers a highly personalised experience and provides unrivaled access to documents and information in your customers’ preferred format. Use our sophisticated analytics and real-time decisioning to automatically prompt customers toward the best-next-action.

Online insight for more meaningful customer interactions
Learn from online customer profiles, behaviours and prior transactions to serve highly personalised and targeted content. Gain easier access to profile, product, transaction, billing and behaviour data.

In-depth understanding of your customers’ online behaviours presents real-time opportunities to serve offers and information that improve their experience and generate stronger, more predictable relationships.

Comprehensive self-service features with 24/7 convenience
Expand digital capabilities and reduce the strain on call centers and other resources. Customers can manage their accounts and profiles, view bill activities, sort, filter and download PDF statements and forms on their preferred web and mobile platforms.

They can view billing history, set up one-time or recurring payments and submit bill-adjustment requests.

Real-time scoring and automated decisioning for more effective content
Use our automated scoring and decisioning technology to interject highly personalised and highly actionable content. Every targeted screen prompt, offer, notification, invitation or alert is updated and based on prior interactions gathered from across the disparate divisions of your enterprise.

As customer satisfaction grows, so do your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Simplification through integration
Integrate and deploy cost-effective digital self-service with either SaaS or with your existing Siebel CRM.

  • Replace costly call-centre activity with automated self service: When customers can access the information and answers they need, call-centre activity drops substantially.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with a more flexible, more personalised experience: A personalised self-service experience helps customers learn more, do more and respond more.

  • Grow revenue via compelling, highly targeted online engagements: Deliver information and offers to customers with greater precision and success.