The more personal, powerful and profitable way to engage customers.

EngageOne® Video

Video is finally as personal and interactive as it should be. EngageOne® Video transforms data and information in real-time into engaging two-way opportunities. Now, you can grow sales and streamline service with real-time video content that customers will want to watch.

The interactive video revolution starts here.

EngageOne® Video from Pitney Bowes delivers where other videos simply cannot. With EngageOne Video, you’ll be able to: jumpstart sales, improve customer service, explain statements, educate, train and entertain. This state-of-the-art video technology lets you make more personal connections with customers, prospects, partners and others by creating a true one-to-one, personalised real-time video experience. For the first time, you’ll be able to incorporate intelligent customer data and deliver information in a way your audience appreciates.

EngageOne Video can help your business:

  • Create highly relevant content.
  • Explain bills and statements.
  • Accelerate digital adoption.
  • Reduce call volume.
  • Increase on-time bill payments.
  • Drive sales volume and velocity.
  • Improve loyalty and retention.
  • Serve customers for less.


Boost business, reduce costs and improve efficiencies with the proven success of EngageOne® Video.

Watch how EngageOne Video can help you:

  • Use customer data to personalise video content.
  • Respond to viewer preferences in real time.
  • Captivate and inspire clients, customers, prospects and employees.
  • Empower your sales teams with simple, automated lead qualification.
  • Explain everything from statements to procedures in clear, easy-to-understand ways.
  • Engage customers with the feel of live, one-to-one interactions.
  • Achieve engagement levels ten times greater than standard videos.
  • Combine the cost-effectiveness of email, web and mail with rich interaction options that scale.

Reach any and every target with engaging, results-oriented content.

Whether you are reaching dozens of clients or millions of prospects, EngageOne Video adds impact to every interaction.

Plus, businesses, government agencies and technology partners can easily integrate EngageOne Video into existing systems and workflows to create a seamless user experience.


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