Unlock the profits in your print stream


StreamWeaver helps you boost print stream performance by running applications built in StreamWeaver's programming syntax, which is designed especially for working with most popular business document formats.

Print Stream Engineering

Enhance and modify print streams on the fly

Locked inside your business application print streams are opportunities to strengthen customer relationships, maximise postal savings, optimise revenue potential, and boost the timeliness, accuracy and efficiency of your paper and digital document production. To unlock these opportunities you need to control your active print streams, a task that until recently, has been difficult or impossible. Fortunately, there’s StreamWeaver, the powerful software tool that lets you easily enhance and modify print-ready files on the fly — without disrupting operations.

The StreamWeaver print stream engineering tool from Pitney Bowes Business Software is a distributed output management solution that facilitates the most advanced distribution strategies for both hard copy printing and digital documents, so you can quickly respond to new opportunities and ever-changing business requirements.

StreamWeaver works with the print-ready files created by your existing applications, so you can achieve high-quality, high-speed implementation of Intelligent Mail® bar coding and file-based processing, postal automation, document consolidation and effective personalisation and target marketing. It can handle a variety of challenges typical to high-volume document production environments. From integration with external programs to custom programming logic, StreamWeaver offers solutions for all your print stream needs.

Efficient and cost-effective

You can increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce costs with StreamWeaver by:

  • Streamlining your document creation and distribution processes
  • Matching documents with the same destination, combining them into a single envelope to reduce postal expenses and increasing mail deliverability
  • Applying postal automation to all mailings at a central point, to maximise your postal savings
  • Integrating your print stream with postal coding to improve mail delivery.