Predict "the persuadables" that will be influenced by your marketing action

Spectrum Uplift™

Spectrum Uplift empowers an organisation to go beyond traditional analytic segmentation and focus its marketing upon only those customers that will react positively to a message – while weeding out those that will buy anyway, will never buy, or could react negatively.

Marketing Solutions

Start making smarter marketing decisions - with our marketing solutions software. Take your marketing strategies beyond the traditional, with our state of the art solutions. Using our marketing solutions software, you can identify key target markets and predict which customers will react positively to your campaigns.

Marketing campaigns can be extremely expensive - make sure yours hits the spot by knowing in advance exactly how specific individuals will react.



Award-winning marketing solutions

Our award-winning Spectrum Uplift is one of the most powerful marketing solutions available to businesses. The easy to use system guides you through each step of market analysis, and features include:

  • SAS integration
  • Microsoft Office optimised output - for quick decision making and ad hoc analysis
  • Breakdown of campaign 'decision points' - maximum profit, minimum cost and maximum incremental response
  • User-friendly interface

Designed with the user in mind, our marketing solutions are ideal for marketing managers, analysts and those who want to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour.

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Our Spectrum Uplift marketing solution can revolutionise the way you plan your marketing strategies. Use our marketing solutions to create better campaigns at lower costs, so you can achieve a greater ROI.

The benefits to your business are clear -

  • Campaign results can be improved by 30-300% when compared with traditional analytic methods
  • Costs reduced by as much as 40%
  • Faster results - our efficient solutions work fast to give you the results you desire


Key Features of our Spectrum Uplift Marketing Solutions Software

Our Spectrum Uplift marketing solutions software has some superb features making it a great choice for any business looking to laser target its marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

Market-leading software

Spectrum Uplift, our award-winning marketing solutions software is the world's only packaged application for automated incremental response modelling.

This cutting-edge software spent more than ten years in development so we could ensure that it provides you with the tools you need to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Fast and effective

Our marketing solutions software provides you with accurate detailed information quickly so you can make informed decisions about your campaigns.

It's optimised for Microsoft Office enabling you to analyse your data rapidly and its automated functions will help you to assess your campaign's potential by calculating potential costs profits incremental responses and more.

Simple to integrate and use

Spectrum Uplift features SAS integration capabilities - you can control it directly from SAS so you won't have to spend time learning how to use new applications.

Designed to be used by both marketing managers and analysts it has a clear easy-to-navigate interface providing you with guidance as you go. This outstanding software's automated processes will enable you to get the information you need at speed and in a simple to understand format.

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