Establish effective, repeatable data exception management

Spectrum Business Steward Module

Exception records for address verification, geocoding, duplicate merges and more require manual review by a data steward. A browser-based tool for manually reviewing exception records helps correct, approve and reincorporate exceptions into your data quality process.

Data exception management software

The Spectrum™ Business Steward Module provides a browser-based tool for manually reviewing exception records that Spectrum™ Technology Platform could not confidently process. Once manually corrected and approved these records can be reincorporated into your Spectrum™ Technology Platform data quality process.

Exception records are records and that require manual review by a data steward. Key examples of exceptions are:

  • Address verification failures
  • Geocoding failures
  • Low-confidence matches
  • Merge/consolidation decisions

Key Features of our Data Exception Management Software
The Spectrum™ Business Steward Module offers a number of outstanding features for faster easier exception record review and processing.

Establish an efficient exception management routine
Our Business Steward Module performs the following tasks:

  • Evaluates records vs. a set of conditions to determine whether manual review is required and notifies data stewards by email
  • Writes exception records to the exception repository
  • Reads records from the exception repository into a dataflow for reprocessing exception records that have been corrected by your data steward

A browser-based dashboard display provides exception summary statistics and charts with an editor for modifying exception records and approving them for reprocessing. Additional browser-based tools:

  • Enable review and management of exception record activity for all users
  • Provide information on trends within your exception records for identifying key performance indicators and sending notifications when certain conditions have been met