Can Local Government afford not to be Location Intelligent?

Pitney Bowes Software has a long standing and in depth knowledge of Local Government spatial needs. Our focus on Local Government over the last 10 years has seen GIS technology become more available, functional, cost effective and seamlessly integrated with other corporate business systems. Today PB Software is the leading supplier of location intelligence (GIS and asset) solutions and services within Local Government.

Local Government’s make decisions to positively impact their business and the local constituents who rely on them every day. It is paramount that one of these decisions includes becoming location intelligent. Location Intelligence is now much more than a traditional GIS or mapping package. It exists in all key Council applications and transforms organisational data into the most efficient format for staff to digest by removing information complexity and ensuring information accuracy.

Location Intelligence enables Councils to answer a fundamental, yet complex question faced by nearly all organisations: Where? It is a critical factor in countless strategic and operational decisions within Council.

Do you need answers to questions like:
  • Where are our resident parking permit areas?
  • Where are our fire prone areas?
  • Where are our areas of open space?


Exponare – Greater Access to Location Intelligence Data

Exponare forms one of the core PB Software offerings for Local Government, it is a powerful suite of map driven applications which unifies existing data and applications within an organisation.
Exponare is a configurable enterprise application that enables organisations to use intuitive, map based, portals to channel vast amounts of disparate data to internal and external customers. Being a configuration platform, Exponare can be quickly deployed without the need for software development skills, it is fully configurable and empowers Local Government to directly mould its functionality into their business processes. Being scalable Exponare can also grow seamlessly to meet changing Council usage needs.

MapInfo Pro – Gain New Insights

MapInfo Pro is a world class desktop GIS application that enables Council organisations to capture, cleanse, analyse and disseminate spatial data in a very efficient and easy to use environment. PB Software has extended and enhanced the capabilities of MapInfo Professional to meet the exacting and specific demands of Local Government users.MapInfo Pro is an adaptable and intuitive solution that enables GIS and non GIS users alike to manipulate and manage business data. MapInfo Professional connects to primary industry data formats, including Oracle Spatial, and supports Open GIS Consortium (OGC) standards, such as Web Mapping & Web Feature Services.

Engage – 3D Enablement

Engage is a MapInfo Professional tool set that provides additional capabilities for data entry and validation, as well as significant enhancements to core functionality such as: layer management, reporting, data import & export. Engage 3D provides all the advanced 3D modelling and topology tools that expert users need when creating more complex data products. Engage 3D delivers grid and surface modelling tools, 3D visualisation and advanced object editing and analysis within a 3D environment. The ability to provide a 3D model of proposed developments or flood analysis is invaluable for local Councils.

Compass Enterprise – Find and Manage Spatial Data

As Local Government embraces location intelligence it is becoming increasingly evident that the structured management of spatial data is required. Compass Enterprise as a metadata management tool enables Local Government to manage their data efficiently and effectively. Local Government organisations with spatial data management requirements will benefit from implementing a Compass system by avoiding the loss of valuable data and significantly reducing data search and preparation times.