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Utilities are under pressure from competitors, regulators and customers to provide better service. Shareholders are also demanding better financial performance. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, how can you:

  • Prevent churn and acquire new customers?
  • Grow revenue in a competitive market?
  • Plan, maintain and upgrade ageing physical networks?
  • Meet industry regulations?

Technology can be the enabler for these but there is also the need for new business processes to be developed to meet the changing market needs. With this comes the requirement for effective management of data, customers and networks.

What are your challenges?

Customer Relationship Optimisation

Optimise customer relationships with improved data management, enrichment and customer communications.

Network Management and Operations

Optimise network planning and improve infrastructure management to ensure the provision of energy and water to households and businesses.

Smart Metering

Smart metering provides an opportunity to re-engage with customers and build relationships for loyalty, retention, reputation and profitability.