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As smart meters become more widespread, the volume of data they provide will be a goldmine of useful information. When combined with existing customer information, smart meter data can be used to deliver innovative and highly personalised offers and services that customers expect.

Understanding the precise location of each meter can enable utilities companies to proactively alert customers to any outages in the surrounding area, and resolve them quickly. Real-time usage data gathered from smart meters can be turned into individualised energy-saving tips and suggestions that can be delivered alongside billing information.

How to put the customer at the heart of the smart meter rollout

  • Data & Location Intelligence
    Data and location intelligence can help you plan smart meter rollouts based on detailed geographical and market data. Combining smart meter data with data from other systems provides the opportunity to cleanse and enrich that data centrally - making the data more valuable to the business.
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  • Customer Insight
    By linking smart meter data with systems for CRM, financial reporting and compliance you can provide valuable customer insight. This insight can be used to segment markets, brands and customers based on detailed usage data.
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  • Customer Interactions
    Personalised customer interactions based on individual customer insight help to improve relevancy and customer engagement. Having the ability to access data in real time will improve call centre experiences, as call centre agents can provide more personalised recommendations to customers. Improving customer interactions will help to provide transparency and educate customers about smart meter benefits and roll outs.

Smart meters have the power to revolutionise the relationship between utilities companies and their customers. Used to its full potential, the data from smart meters can transform suppliers from providers of water and energy into trusted advisors on everything from energy efficiency and home safety to lifestyle improvements and budget optimisation.