Know who is in your building with pbLobbytrac™ visitor management


pbLobbyTrac™ Access is a self-service, all-in-one security solution designed to make visitor management easier to manage for offices and buildings.

In today's environment, security is increasingly important. The security of a company, its assets, employees and visitors is a key consideration for any organisation. Having lobbies manned by receptionists using paper-based logs to register visitors, while easy and convenient provides minimal security attributed by inaccurate information, illegible handwriting, lack of privacy and confidentiality of visitor lists. It's time to rethink these security gaps when managing visitors, and create a more secure environment.

Solution Benefits

Our pbLobbyTrac™ visitor management solution addresses different business needs and levels of access control enabling you to:

  • Automate check-in and check-out and improve lobby security
  • Track visitor sign-in and sign-out process
  • Manage visitors quickly and securely
  • Control access to your building premises and facilities
  • Capture detailed visitor information and photos in seconds
  • Increase security with visitor badges
  • Maintain confidentiality of visitor information
  • Analyse visitor data and run queries and reports against your database
  • Enhance your corporate image by processing visitors more professionally
  • Facilitate frequent visitors and group visits with ease

Its intuitive features and easy-to-follow instructions simplify the sign-in and sign-out process so that visitors can expedite the registration process without staff involvement. 

The system captures and stores pertinent information to a secure database, enabling instant access to records and eliminating the need for paper logbooks. The password-protected database for the visitor log means all stored information remains protected and secure.

pbLobbyTrac™ Access is a feature-rich security solution that is ideal as a stand alone security system or complement to staffed lobbies.

Benefits of pbLobbyTrac™ Access

  • User-friendly interface for quick and efficient visitor registration processing - with or without staff involvement
  • Advanced screening feature captures pertinent visitor information - name, date, photo image, reason for visit, time and duration of each visit, etc
  • Printed badges allow security personnel to identify each visitor
  • Notification features alert employees on visitor arrival via email or text messaging
  • Checks against an organisation's own "red flag" database to quickly identify visitors who are not allowed in the building
  • Multiple kiosks can be networked together at key entrance points and roll-up reports can be produced locally, regionally and even globally.
  • Access real-time visitor reporting for crucial information on visitors' identities, profiles and photographs and whereabouts in the event of an emergency
  • Detailed activity reporting with full array of attendance and time reporting of visitors and employees
  • Barcoded check-in information can be emailed to visitors ahead of time to facilitate large visitor groups
  • Customised welcome screen with corporate logos and messages for a professional image and user experience
  • Three display options1 : wall-mounted, desktop and pedestal stand

Optional accessories required.
For more information, contact a local sales representative

17" LCD touch screen

PC Windows 7® (32 Bit) 4GB Ram, 250GB HDD


Driver License Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Powered by LobbyGuard®

Optional Extra: Pedestal Base