From a local authority in the North of England to a savings bank in Germany, an American family run business to a nationally recognised firm of property consultants they have one thing in common. They have all discovered that the Connect+ is better because it offers more.

Wigan Council

"It’s a winning combination of great equipment, excellent service and value for money."

La Gestion Integrale

"Connect + brought real value to our services by including expense management solutions, integrated with the hardware and available on the internet portal ‘Inview’."

NHS Scotland

"An important piece of NHS equipment providing what they themselves describe as ‘a smooth-running mail operation’"

Watts Group PLC

"It’s an added bonus, given the customer service and the machine’s ability, but we also save around £1200 a year."

Dominick Fuel

"It’s simple, it’s fast and anyone in the office can use it. The touchscreen means anyone can handle anything."

Sparkasse Essen Savings Bank

"The Connect+ 3000 is the fastest machine and is now preparing mail for delivery right across Germany and beyond."

E.O. Smith High School

"I’ve worked in other schools and I know theres’s a lot out there that could really benefit from technology like this."

Trinity College Cambridge

"For us, Connect+ offers the full package. Accurate, efficient, appropriate and adding real value."


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