Dominick Fuel - Marketing power

A respected business that has been going since 1945, started by the current owner’s grandfather. They originally had a franking machine and to quote Joey Dominick, Office Manager at Dominick Fuel ‘it was fine’.

"Our representative, Chris, came to see us and showed is the Connect+1000. It lets us incorporate marketing messages and print on the envelope. We were sold. We put messages on the back, change it seasonally to remind customers - we even advertise our Facebook page. We print QR codes to send customers to specific pages on our website. Pitney Bowes has helped us with our graphics, we call them whenever we need them and they’re always glad to help. But my favourite thing about the machine is how easy it is to use."

"It’s simple, it’s fast and anyone in the office can use it. The touchscreen means anyone can handle anything."

“Mail is very important to us. It’s a way of getting bills to our customers which brings money in, but it’s also an important way of communicating”