La Gestion Integrale -
Technology for technologists

The challenge to potential suppliers was clear - productivity, personalisation and connectivity. Specialising in IT for property management, La Gestion Integrale employs 43 staff and delivers services to 300 customers. With a production capacity of 500,000 pages per day, 100,000 mail pieces per month and 60,000 franked items, the challenge was as tough as it was clear.

The results speak for themselves. As one of the first customers to start using the Connect + in 2012, they had a machine on beta test for three months - winning over the whole business in the process.

“Connect + brought real value to our services by including expense management solutions, integrated with the hardware and available on the internet portal ‘Inview’. It’s also very easy to use and guarantees us maximum reliability. We especially enjoyed the support and monitoring of their sales teams.”

Jean-Michel Camizon, president of LGI.