Sparkasse Essen Savings -
The colour of money

The number of privately sent letters may be in decline, but they are still an important communication tool. It’s more important than ever to make each envelope count, so Sparkasse Essen opted for a machine that adds colourful artwork.

70 million bank statements, 5 million pages of colour printing and 8 million pages of black and white print. The total postage cost for the year was more than 6 million euros. By upgrading their machines to Connect+ they were able to bring much-needed colour to their envelopes and improve their response rates.

The Connect+ 3000 is the fastest machine and is now preparing mail for delivery right across Germany and beyond - reacting to planned communications, ondemand campaigns and quick-reaction mail-outs.

They have started with one machine, tested, learned, analysed performance and will be upgrading their other machines in due course. All their customers can now look forward to accurate, eye-catching mail.