Trinity College Cambridge - First Class mail

Trinity College is home to over 1000 students, multiple departments, rental properties, alumni relations, the bursary department and the tutorial office. When their franking machine was due for renewal, it happened to coincide with a move to an even smaller space and no let up in mail volumes.

“We didn’t even look at the competitors” explains Peter Windmill, Head Porter. “The service is very good and, over the years, I have got to know the engineers by name. Now we print full-colour marketing messages across the full width of the envelope. The alumni organisation is already keen to use this to promote its activities.”

High volumes, multiple logos, varying sized mail from prospectuses to rent invoices - and each department and office has its own account, so charging back is a walk in the ‘courts’.

“For us, Connect+ offers the full package. Accurate, efficient, appropriate and adding real value.”