Wigan Council - A winning combination.

A population of 300,000 across an area of 77 square miles. Historically, printing was consolidated, but mailing was done in each department. With a mix of PPIs and small franking machines, Print Services manager John Price spotted an opportunity.

“We consolidated our processes in one location and made considerable savings. We’ve always been happy with Pitney Bowes so we asked them to quote against a number of other potential suppliers. They were the best value for money.”

They initially installed a Connect+3000 followed by a second machine, a Connect+2000. The 3000 is the first franking machine on the market to offer colour printing across the length of the envelope, turning ordinary communications into marketing opportunities. It’s a very clever piece of kit, but it was the accounting software that really impressed John. He can now accurately charge different departments for postage at the touch of a button.

The council mails around 100,000 items every month. The two machines cope admirably, even with busy days when they send out 10,000 items. And they’re reliable.

“We haven’t needed an engineer once. Even when we had a small issue with the software, Pitney Bowes were on the case within 10 minutes.”

The savings keep coming. By accurately preparing their volume mail, they are able to access Business Mail Advanced. This could save a further £25,000 each year.

“It’s a winning combination of great equipment, excellent service and value for money.”