Envelope message printing

Save time and money, promote your business and generate revenue with every envelope!

See how little it can cost to print in full colour using Connect+.

Visit our Connect+™ Envelope Message Calculator here.

Promote your business in full colour across the full length of the envelope, top and bottom, front or back. The Mailmark™ ready Connect+ is easy to use with an intuitive colour touch-screen, built-in on-screen tutorials and programmable job presets... all designed to increase productivity.

Research by Leflein Associates shows that envelopes overprinted with colour promotional messages are up to 2½ times more likely to be opened than plain equivalents.

A survey by CAP Ventures found that colour envelope messages can deliver 34% faster response rates and a 32% increase in overall revenue.

Tips on using colour in communications

  • Ensure the text is easy to read. Colour backgrounds or text may look striking, but that carefully crafted copy is wasted if it can’t be read.
  • Don’t go overboard. Too many colours can look confusing and unprofessional. - Why limit colour to the document inside? The latest technology can print full colour on the envelope for a dynamic first impression.
  • Use colour to emphasise key text. Make important messages leap out and stick.
  • Keep it consistent. Use a palette of colours across all channels (web, email, print) that are recognisably ‘yours’.
  • Colour photos or illustrations can be particularly effective and enable accompanying text to be kept simple and readable.
  • See how easy it is in this video, and you can read more about it here.