Communicate: A New Horizon in Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Communicate: A New Horizon in Customer Engagement

By Liz Roche, Product Marketing Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes

The backbone of any strong, lasting business has always been an equally strong and lasting customer experience. Whether it’s a small retail shop, a major corporation or a door-to-door salesman, the ability for any business to effectively engage and interact with customers, acknowledge their needs and present a solution relevant to those needs, is key for securing customer interest. In the short term, that interest becomes a sale; in the long term, that sale drives repeat interest, either from the same customer or from new customers referred to your business. A positive customer experience is essential to getting the word out to a wider audience.

But, in 2016, the customer experience – and the ideal word of mouth you want it to generate – is more complicated and nuanced than ever before. Business isn’t just a physical, brick-and-mortar operation anymore, but it’s not an exclusively digital one, either. The physical and digital sides of a business have to complement each other and work in concert to ensure that customers’ expectations are met, if not exceeded, on both fronts.

The availability of ecommerce portals, online shopping apps and mobile compatibility are just a few examples of customers’ steadily rising expectations about what a 21st century business should look like and offer. If your business can’t be viewed on mobile, doesn’t have a social media presence for a customer to interact with or doesn’t offer product recommendations based on their interests and purchase histories, then that customer is gone – with plenty of alternative options (i.e. your competitors) to choose from.

How ’Communicate’ Solutions Enhances CX and Maximizes Customer Lifetime Value

At Pitney Bowes, we recognize just how paramount a strong and engaging CX is nowadays. More than ever, if your website, social media presence and mobile apps don’t entice customers to walk through the digital doors of your store the first time, much less come again in the future, you’re sunk. And, that kind of negative word of mouth can spread almost instantly across platforms like Twitter and Facebook, ensuring that other prospective customers will never give you their business, either. The ability to create a meaningful, relevant and engaging first impression with customers – one that not only produces a conversion but creates a long-lasting customer lifecycle – can make or break a brand.

Enter Communicate Solutions, Pitney Bowes’ newest answer to this CX conundrum.

Communicate Solutions is an entire suite aimed at creating more meaningful and relevant interactions between businesses and their customers throughout the customer lifecycle, ultimately maximising real customer lifetime value. To do that, Communicate Solutions utilize a breadth of updated EngageOne customer engagement tools to provide marketing, customer service and CX executives with a tangible method for enabling more dynamic and personalised customer interactions across every one of a given brand’s channels.

Which, of course, raises the question: what exactly do those relevant customer interactions look like? How exactly does Communicate Solutions change the game for customer engagement and CLV?

Communicate Solutions Provide Brands with More CX Opportunities

One of the key elements of Communicate Solutions is to create an omnichannel experience for customers. However a new or existing customer reaches your business, and however they choose to communicate with it, they’re unmistakably getting the same user experience across the board – the same style of branding, the same type of intuitive user accessibility and the same standard of customer service professionalism. Businesses can’t be segmented into separate physical and digital silos anymore; how your brand looks and functions on the web can’t be any different from how it looks and functions on mobile. Communicate Solutions break down these silos to promote collaboration and cross-platform compatibility, for a simpler and more engaging CX.

That integration can run the gamut from interactive personalized videos, as provided by our EngageOne Video platform, or digital self-service options that build customer profiles with streamlined billing capabilities and pathways to products and solutions defined by the customer’s own past interests or purchases. But, consistency is key, and creating a unified branding message across all channels – with customers enabled to help themselves or receive help from expert customer service agents, at every step of the way, as they see fit – ensures that both the customer and the business are getting the most out of their relationship with one another.

Changing the CX Game

Communicate Solutions was named for its most important quality, and arguably the most important quality for any successful physical and digital business to have today: the ability to effectively communicate with customers. It doesn’t matter what your background in business is like, it doesn’t matter what kind of groundbreaking product you have to offer, it doesn’t matter how important you truly believe your business to be to your target audience – if you aren’t able to convey and create a compelling, meaningful and relevant customer experience, one that will drive customers in droves to your business, all of that hard work will be for naught.

That’s the value of Communicate Solutions: to create an integrated approach to branding and CX, building a powerful omnichannel experience that not only brings new customers down the funnel, but brings them back to your site, your mobile app and your social media presence over and over again. Whether it’s through innovative interactive videos or digital self-service storefronts, Communicate Solutions helps your brand not only to continue blurring the line between the physical and digital business worlds, but stand on the cutting edge of what a 21st century business should be.

Read more about Communicate Solutions. Click here to learn more about how Pitney Bowes cutting-edge tools for customer engagement help to build brand loyalty, deliver meaningful customer interactions and craft uniquely personalized customer service. 

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