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Just launched! State-of-the-art digital engagement

By Manmohan Gupta, Marketing Strategy and Planning Lead, Software Solutions, Pitney Bowes

We are excited to unveil the newest slate of updates to our Communicate solutions, a robust portfolio of tools that are enabling businesses to redefine digital engagement. Across industries, leading brands are deploying these innovations to deliver seamless digital engagement across customer touchpoints.

As per a recent eMarketer study, mobile has fast become the consumer’s first screen, with adults spending on average 3 hours per day on their mobile devices. The latest updates to EngageOne® Digital Designer enable businesses to convert mobile touch points (SMS, email, message, etc.) on any platform and form-factor into active engagement opportunities more than ever before. In addition, given that video has become the growth medium for customer engagement (almost 80 percent of web traffic is video), the ability to interact within a video increases engagement by up to 64 percent.

The new industry templates for EngageOne Video allow companies to deploy interactive and personalised onboarding and billing experiences in under 21 days. Furthermore, with the latest release of the EngageOne Suite, users can embed interactive video content in their print and digital communications. This is in addition to several other updates to print communication capabilities, which include performance improvements in processing on-demand and batch communications, accessibility of PDF communications by sight-impaired users and automated resolution of undeliverable mail.

Let us take a deeper dive into just what updates are available in this launch of Communicate solutions, and how they are pushing the envelope for digital leaders to innovate their customer engagement efforts.

EngageOne Video v2.3
Interactive and Personalised Video

EngageOne Video combines video with user data to deliver personalised, interactive video in the context of a user journey to help brands enhance user experience, improve deployment infrastructure and enhance data analytics.

As I mentioned above, we are bringing to our clients four new industry templates for the EngageOne Video platform. Through the deployment of these industry templates, clients in the Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities and Financial Services verticals can expedite their return on investment in an interactive and personalised video solution by deploying a pilot for a specific business process in just a few weeks. The analytics and feedback from the deployment then allows companies to learn and adjust before investing in a fully customisable solution with the EOV platform.

The four industry templates are as follows:

  • The billing template helps telco and utility companies eliminate bill shock by creating an interactive video bill experience for their customers.
  • The credit card onboarding template enables credit card companies to help their customers activate their cards, learn about card benefits and utilise digital tools to save time and money.
  • The auto insurance onboarding template helps insurance companies make it easy for their customers to sign up for discounts and learn about additional coverage options.
  • The checking account onboarding template enables banks to make it easy for their customers to perform online account management, increase use of mobile banking and sign up for additional services such as savings accounts.

Please note: Currently all of the above templates are only available for the US market, except for the Billing Template, which is available in both the US and UK market.

In addition to the above, we have improved the EngageOne Video platform to further help brands enhance user experience, improve deployment infrastructure and enhance data analytics. Updates to the EngageOne Video Director enable users to choose their own deployment – and if they choose to deploy in the cloud, they can do so independently of other vendors, offering a less hands-on approach. The dashboard now provides detailed usage data and analytics, enabling businesses to focus on areas of high ROI. Finally, the new managed services allow for best-in-class service reliability, high security and infinite scalability in how businesses can reach out to and engage with their customers.

EngageOne Digital Designer v2.0
Responsive and dynamic digital communications

EngageOne Digital Designer provides a simple yet powerful browser-based interface that lets anyone create interactive content, optimised for display on any device and delivered via email, SMS or push notifications. Using interactive templates and drag-and-drop tools, business users can quickly create more engaging, responsive customer communications.

This new release brings greater design, non-delivery handling and real-time reporting capabilities, along with template import and export options.

  • Emails are now responsive and can include static snap shots of charts.
  • Live Charts are now available and include 50+ charting types.
  • Templates can be saved for future use and sharing.
  • Users can easily import, place, use HTML5 objects such as carousels and Twitter feeds.
  • Non-delivery escalation ensures compliance while delivering digital first.

EngageOne Communication Suite v4.4
Personalised multichannel communications in batch or real time

Clients use the EngageOne Communication Suite to design and deliver engaging and personalised real-time and batch multichannel communications to their customers.

In addition to simplifying the addition of an interactive, personalised video to a communications template, the new features include updates to EngageOne Interactive that allow users to complete their templates across an expanded roster of compatible web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, and increased throughput and quicker processing speed for Batch and OnDemand communications.

MAIL360 v4.0
Postal delivery tracking solution

MAIL360 (also known as EngageOne® Delivery Audit) collects electronic mail event data from the United States Postal Service (USPS), automates translation of USPS™ event data and matches it to your business data using a standardised format. This enables companies to track and trace delivery of each mailpiece, and gain visibility for both in-home delivery dates and undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail.

The biggest update to Mail360 is the new Return Mail Workflow feature. Return Mail Workflow uses an automated process for reviewing and reconciling delivery addresses to reduce both the amount of undeliverable addresses applied to mailed communications, and the costs that arise from customer communications over undelivered mail. By leveraging electronic USPS® data on UAA items, Mail360 helps businesses bypass the time and costs previously needed to handle return mail envelopes. Additionally, by cataloging the postal delivery data, Mail360 streamlines the process for identifying customers affected in the event that privacy information from UAA mail is co-opted to commit fraud.

Please note: MAIL360 is a US market-only product.

For more information on the Communicate 2.0 updates, please visit Pitney Bowes Customer Engagement.

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