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Customer Engagement

Initiatives based on interactive and personalised videos win prestigious insurance industry awards

Matt Tredinnick, Director Global Marketing, Customer Engagement Solutions at Pitney Bowes

For financial services companies, connecting with customers poses a significant, perpetual challenge. Consumers may get excited about buying houses, cars and a wide range of other items, but eyes almost universally glaze over when reading the fine print of insurance policies or savings accounts. For the past 18 months, AXA France has overcome this challenge by leveraging Pitney Bowes Data-Driven, Interactive and Personalised Video technologies. In recognition of these efforts, the company has received 10 different industry awards.

AXA is one of the world’s largest providers of life insurance, retirement and investment products. The company operates in more than 100 countries, with over $2 trillion in funds under management. Though its organisation is expansive, AXA places innovation at the centre of its company culture, and in recent years, some of its most interesting innovations have focused on more effective customer engagement and experience.

One of those innovations arose from the need to increase awareness of a new AXA France insurance product. The product protects small businesses when proprietors are unable to work due to injury or illness. It’s a risk that business owners generally overlook or underestimate, so communication about both the problem and the insurance solution was key to a successful launch.

AXA France worked with Pitney Bowes, CGI and Brainsonic to develop personalised and interactive videos to send to current customers who might be interested in the new product. Using the EngageOne® Video platform, each video identifies the customer’s type of business, describes the risks specific to that line of work, and suggests that the customer contact an AXA France broker or agent to discuss the new insurance offering. Approximately two-thirds of customers who viewed the complete video booked an appointment with their agent.

These results earned AXA France the Gold Innovation Marketing Trophy from L’Assurance en Mouvement on October 4, 2018. The award was presented in a large ceremony, with more than 300 insurance decision-makers in attendance, and AXA France mentioned Pitney Bowes in accepting the award. That was a great stage for highlighting the benefits that EngageOne Video offers marketing teams. Even more impressive: It wasn’t the only recognition of the EngageOne portfolio that evening. AXA France also won the Gold Innovation Distribution Trophy for another initiative that leveraged Pitney Bowes technologies.

The second award-winning project was born in a regulatory environment characterised by stringent regulations of financial services firms around fiduciary duty, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and monitoring of transactions for risk of fraud or terrorism. These rules require businesses such as AXA France to collect a lot more information from customers so that they understand where investment deposits have come from and how withdrawals will be used. AXA France representatives meet with clients to gather this information, using a combination of documents that varies from client to client. Identifying which documents are required for a particular customer, from among the 600 possible combinations, can confuse and baffle even the most seasoned insurance professional.

AXA France worked with Pitney Bowes, CGI and Brainsonic to create a personalised and interactive EngageOne Video solution that features the EngageOne Converse chatbot. The resulting videos serve as personal assistants, preparing AXA France representatives for customer meetings. After querying an agent about an upcoming meeting, the video-based assistant describes what information he or she should gather from the customer and lists the requisite documents.

AXA France representatives are using the videos to better prepare for customer meetings, which helps them provide faster and more complete service to customers—the first time, every time. This ability to improve customer interactions is a key benefit of both AXA France initiatives, and it underlies all 10 awards the company has received for projects driven by the EngageOne portfolio of solutions.

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