EngageOne® Deliver

Deliver a better experience in whatever channel your customer chooses.

Manage delivery of email, SMS and push notifications based on customer preferences, including cloud-based mailboxes. We make it easy to track opens, manage bounces and respond accordingly. Built-in archiving improves customer service and online self-service. 

EngageOne® Deliver



EngageOne Deliver makes it easier to orchestrate an end-to-end customer experience.

Make sure the right message gets to the right customer, at the right time, in the right format.

With a single platform, you can deliver a consistent message across channels, including cloud-based mailboxes and mobile apps.

Track receipt, opens, clicks, bounces, deletes and spam with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Automatically archive exact copies of each print and digital communication so customer-facing staff and self-service applications can instantly “see what the customer sees.”




Accelerate digital delivery.

  • Simplify how you create and send email, SMS and push notifications.
  • Reach customers where they are via cloud-based mailboxes and storage, productivity apps, payment applications and online banking.

Boost performance.

  • Administer all channels via a single, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Automatically collect and track detailed event data.
  • Measure performance with real-time stats and analytics.

Gain end-to-end control.

  • Manage delivery channel by customer preference
  • Create rules to resend communications via alternate delivery channels in case of bouncebacks.
  • Precisely orchestrate print with digital delivery.

Improve security.

  • Encrypt messages to secure customer data
  • Ensure content integrity with digital signatures.
  • Combine digital messaging with print to track sensitive and high-value communications.

Add efficiency at every step.

  • Eliminate duplicate communications.
  • Improve call center response.
  • Automatically archive all communications for instant retrieval.