EngageOne® Communicate

Design interactive, data-rich, dynamic content optimised for display on any device.

Create more engaging, end to end communications with EngageOne Communicate. According to a recent survey by ANA (formerly DMA) and Pitney Bowes – Elevating the Customer Experience Feb 2018 – “Customers expect a better more personalized experience”… and with EngageOne Communicate… they get just that.

EngageOne Communicate is a cloud-based, data driven customer engagement platform that accelerates the creation and delivery of communications, including email and SMS. 

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EngageOne Communicate enables easy development of responsive communications in the cloud.

Accelerate time to value

Develop and send your communications in hours, versus weeks.

Responsive (mobile first) communications

Create scalable, responsive communications - optimised for any device - quickly and easily.

Robust data analysis

Aggregated and individual data available through an easy-to-use dashboard.


Easy to use

With intuitive WYSIWYG templating and editing capabilities, EngageOne Communicate enables any user to quickly develop dynamic, responsive communications.

Fully customisable

EngageOne Communicate provides a wide range of templates that are fully customizable. You can preview communications responsively, including using SMS, to see how they will look to end-users.

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

EngageOne Communicate seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows creative teams to take full advantage of their existing solutions. Designers and developers can leverage their expertise with Adobe Photoshop with a purpose-built plug-in. They'll have immediate and simple access to export assets directly to the Communicate platform. This effectively means no more time-consuming cutting and slicing.

Personalise and improve every touchpoint

With instantaneous access to backend database systems, EngageOne Communicate uses conditional logic capabilities to recognize recipients by language, location, and other variables to dynamically change and hyper personalize communications to an individual. Point straight at the data without the upload, download, and re-load interchange and get it right the first time.

Enhanced statistics

Understand in real time how recipients are responding and engaging with your communications. User level reporting around individual interactions allows you to continually refine and target your customers based on actions taken.

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Straightforward, customisable templates

easy to use templates



Easy WYSIWYG editing


easy editing

Extensive data analysis via a robust dashboard

easy to master analytics