Customer Information Data Management Systems | Pitney Bowes

Spectrum software helps Pitney Bowes standardize, validate and de-duplicate its own data.

Pitney Bowes can target the right prospect with the right offer at the right time, while better serving existing customers.

Client profile

A global technology company with sales of US$3.8 billion

Sells innovative customer information management, location intelligence and customer engagement products and services 

More than 1.5 million clients worldwide 

Business Goals

Reconcile data from 93 acquired companies 

Cleanse and de-duplicate addresses and other account data 

Leverage single customer views for predictive analytics 


Streamlined business processes

Improved opportunities for cross sales and up sales 

Better planning and forecasting capabilities


"We wanted to compile all aspects of the client experience into a single view of the client - one view, so Pitney Bowes employees could see the company's entire history with the client, including every client interaction with us, in one place." Krishna Shah,
Senior Director of Enterprise Information Management,
Pitney Bowes

What happens when you acquire 93 companies over a 10-year period? You get duplicate, conflicting and often incomplete data about the customers you're serving. That's what happened to Pitney Bowes.

Business Needs

Recognizing data errors and inconsistencies, the Pitney Bowes IT team implemented a “Single View Data Quality Project." The project's charter was to cleanse addresses and to cleanse and de-duplicate account data stored in for use by sales, call center and service departments. Once implemented, the project would help Pitney Bowes overcome challenges such as incomplete customer views, account management inefficiencies, cross sell and up sell limitations, and planning and forecasting limitations


Pitney Bowes devised a process for implementing the Single View Data Quality Project. First, the company would continue its effort to migrate all customer relationship management (CRM) data to the cloud. Second, Pitney Bowes would deploy its Spectrum™ customer information management platform to verify and de-duplicate data during the migration process. 


Verification and de-duplication work began with Pitney Bowes taking all CRM data and running it through Spectrum's universal address module, which aligned information to the standards of national postal services around the world. Pitney Bowes then compared these standardized addresses against Dun & Bradstreet WorldBase, a global address database of 137 million records. 


When a match was found, Spectrum helped append a Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal Number System (DUNS) ID to the record. This helped Pitney Bowes identify duplicate accounts within the database. DUNs matches also helped Pitney Bowes enrich its existing account information with DUNS demographic data, including industry information, company revenue and number of persons employed. Next, Spectrum's Data Quality Process was deployed to de-duplicate existing account records, and establish a nightly batch process to cleanse, update and de-duplicate newly created or modified records.


"With this standardized and validated data, we'll be able to glean more complete client views for predictive and trend analyses, improve efficiency throughout the organization and improve client satisfaction." Amy Collins,
Business Support and Governance Manager,
Pitney Bowes

Amy Collins, Pitney Bowes Business Support and Governance Manager, was the internal client for this project. As a result of the company's data cleanup efforts, she feels more confident in Pitney Bowes' ability to obtain 360° client views and, therefore, in its abilities to better service existing clients and to target the right prospect with the right offer at the right time. 


In addition, the company expects to achieve significant downstream benefits from the Single View Data Quality Project. For example .marketing is already taking advantage of improved customer views to better understand client interactions with Pitney Bowes and better target marketing efforts. 

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