Spectrum® Advanced Global Address Management

Validate, correct and standardise in real time.

Verify and optimise addresses across a wide selection of countries. Now you can ensure that your data is correctly formatted and validated, right down to house or apartment number.

ipad screen with map

Manage all of your address verification and standardisation needs, with a tool designed for ease of use.

Connect with your customers

Personalisation of your customer communications.

Integrate with ease

Smart-autocomplete features add real-time validation.

Expand your impact

Improve and share better addresses enterprise-wide.


Spectrum Advanced Global Address Management will help to propel you toward a more precise, robust and actionable Single Customer View. It’s designed for ease of use, yet powerful enough to handle all of your address verification and standardisation needs, yet designed for ease of use..

Get the best of the best.

Spectrum Advanced Global Address Management can multi-source data to help you arrive at the best possible version of each address. Type-ahead and smart-autocomplete features add real-time validation, boosting your efficiency and accuracy.

Connect with your customers.

Discover how intuitive navigation and excellent support lets you improve and share better addresses enterprise-wide to ensure high quality customer communications. Features including multi-national characters and appropriate casing, help to advance the precision and personalisation of your customer communications on a global scale. 

Integrate with ease.

Operating in the Spectrum Technology platform, Advanced Global Address Management integrates seamlessly with other Spectrum capabilities, such as Data Federation and Master Data Management  . It features a flexible architecture, along with an array of pre-built connectors for interfaces including Java, COM, C, .NET and C++.

Expand your impact.

Utilise Spectrum Advanced Global Address Management with any or all of the Spectrum solutions:

Spectrum Data Discovery Module

Spectrum Data Federation

Spectrum Data Normalization Module