Enable location-intelligent decision making

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

Gain highly accurate location-based insights designed to fuel better business performance. Benefit from powerful address geocoding and efficient enterprise routing. Reduce risk and improve both operations and customer satisfaction.

Improve the quality of your insights for better business performance. Utilize any or all of three high-powered on premises modules each a part of the Spectrum Technology Platform:

Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module: Analyze geographic data and improve business decisions with powerful address geocoding. You will gain accurate location and address information fueled by a wide range of up-to-date reliable data from major sources. The result: more matches fewer false positives and better data quality--so you can know your markets customers and competitors better.

Spectrum Enterprise Routing Module: Optimize logistics marketing and network performance management with efficient enterprise routing. For distribution and deliveries sales and service planning gain the precision you need. You can even set travel boundaries to map out service eligibility as defined by desired time and distance or any of a number of useful parameters. Integrate in-house data including customer records and network locations and run analysis in batch or real-time mode. Customize output to fit different business-unit needs.

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module: Gain a true view of your data and customers so you can solve even the most complex of business problems. Verify locations and transform location insights into valuable business intelligence to reduce risk increase customer satisfaction and streamline operations. Easily harness the power of a range of spatial data and applications easily performing sophisticated analytics to help optimize business operations – including marketing sales service logistics and network management – across the enterprise.

Each of these modules is a part of the Spectrum™ Technology Platform the single platform that integrates quality data location intelligence and decisive customer insight. Each is designed for ease of use as well as extraordinary insights:

Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module:

Benefit from:

  • Extraordinary precision: Correct erroneous addresses and incorporate latitude/longitude coordinates for location information that is always up-to-date. Choose spatial data from leading providers including TIGER Tele Atlas NAVTEQ and Centrus® Points databases. Combine with postal data for highly accurate results.
  • Unrivaled throughput: With data quality and conflation built-in you can geocode millions of records an hour.
  • Worldwide coverage: Gain geocoding capabilities where you need them across more than 200 countries worldwide. And benefit from the highest precision with points-and-parcel results in 50+ countries.

Spectrum Enterprise Routing Module:

Gain important capabilities for:

  • Calculating distances in miles or minutes
  • Setting travel boundaries
  • Mapping out the most efficient routes
  • Targeting more effectively
  • Reducing costs
  • Expediting delivery of goods and services

Set boundary definitions including:

  • Flood zones
  • Rating territories
  • Sales territories
  • Individual store markets
  • Tax or voting districts
  • Other business-specific zones

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module: Gain a true view of your data and customers and make business decisions based on exact reliable data:

  • Identify key target markets
  • Confirm closest sites for customer service activities
  • Understand geospatial data
  • Verify locations
  • Plan for the future

Utilize powerful geospatial databases and benefit from precise location- and closest-site-identification capabilities. Industry Applications

Use these modules to raise the level of precision and confidence in geo-informed decision making across your organization.

For marketing

  • Map coverage customers and competitors
  • Align offers with available services
  • Determine prime areas for promotional activities and target marketing

For asset management

  • Determine service availability and coverage
  • Pinpoint Right-of-Way and Call-Before-You-Dig requirements
  • Visualize coverage coverage gaps and best sites for additional infrastructure

For sales and site planning and management

  • Map current and competitive retail locations
  • Match locations against demographics
  • Assign customers to territories for sales service or pricing

For risk management

  • Accurately identify insurance rating territories
  • Determine distance to the coast earthquake fault fire station
  • Estimate potential losses
  • Help customers purchase the correct amount of coverage at the right price
  • Uncover patterns to protect from fraud

For municipalities and public sector

  • Improve constituent services
  • Determine eligibility for services and programs
  • Site voting precincts and polling locations
  • Map patterns that help to identify potential fraud terrorism other crime

For logistics

  • Define territories
  • Optimize delivery routes