Data Quality

Ensure the accuracy of your customer data and address lists

Capabilities include data profiling, standardisation and normalisation of data, advanced data matching and consolidation, data enrichment with reference data, monitoring trends and KPIs.

Data Quality Portfolio

Spectrum Data Quality Connectors

Ensure CRM and ERP applications deliver data you can trust.

Successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations depend on high quality data.  Integrating data quality at the point of entry, or as part of a batch process gives all users access to accurate and trusted data for better decision making and operational efficiency.

Spectrum Universal Name Module

Standardise and automate your data quality operation

Flexible name parsing capabilities to match, standardise, analyse or consolidate even complex records with confidence

Spectrum Universal Addressing Module

Improve accuracy in real-time and batch processing

Increase customer satisfaction and profitability by capturing more accurate address information at the point of data entry.

Spectrum Enterprise OnDemand

Manage and verify address data to reduce undeliverable mail and improve operational efficiencies.

Capitalise on a more accurate view of your customers, and integrate that intelligence into your business operations.

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