Pitney Bowes Pathway® methodology

A proven way to deliver quality, speed and savings.

Let our team expedite and optimise deployment of your Pitney Bowes capabilities, services and solutions. We’ll keep your projects in sync with your implementation and business goals. Field-proven through thousands of client engagements, the Pathway methodology adds precision and accuracy at every step.

Accelerate time to results.

Engage all stakeholders.

Develop a shared understanding of project roles, goals, processes and milestones.

Ensure a smooth, efficient, timely deployment.

Accelerate user adoption, issue resolution and time-to-value.

Enhance ownership and control.


Streamline implementation and optimise results.

Understand implementation requirements.

Define the right architecture.

Create a shared vision among stakeholders and team members.

Achieve timely, efficient adoption.


Start with the right foundation.

Save time and ensure quality.

Increase efficiency and optimise quality, using tools like questionnaires, user guides, sample workflows, process diagrams and templates. Our project managers and consultants use this toolkit to support implementation, upgrade, conversion and deployment activities.

Maintain control and visibility.

Define a project path. Outline all phases and detail each team member’s roles and responsibilities. Gain complete visibility into the project from start to finish, increasing control using a common communication methodology.

Stay within budget.

Quickly and accurately determine scope, identify risks and uncover possible hidden costs. Pathway’s repeatable processes, templates and delivery models make it easy to deliver projects within budget and scope.

Follow a proven, five-phase approach.

The Pathway methodology provides a clear, concise and detailed path, mitigates risk and creates a shared understanding among stakeholders and team members.

Documented and systematic, the Pathway® methodology optimizes deployment and integration of Pitney Bowes solutions.

Throughout each of five phases, our expert consultants offer you rigorous project governance, defined and practical processes and clear communication with your stakeholders. Everything is designed to ensure successful implementation with minimal business disruption.



Phase 1: Initiate


Identify business issues. Establish the project framework and goals.

Confirm the necessary scope, technologies and requirements.


Phase 2: Design


Design, document and take actions to create solutions aligned with identified issues and goals.

In a Waterfall model, the project team documents actions in use cases and detailed design documents.

In an Agile environment, it develops user stories.


Phase 3: Build


Implement and configure products to the highest quality standards.

Adhere to design specifications.

Align with business goals.


Phase 4: Validate


Conduct system and user acceptance testing.

Define training and risk mitigation plans.


Phase 5: Adopt


Roll out the solution to the business.

Train stakeholders.

Transfer ownership.