Cadastral Plus

Intelligent map of land parcels in Australia

CadastralPlus Australia is an intelligent map (or ‘cadastre’) of every land parcel in the country, including residential blocks, farms, national parks, road casements, easements, and government-owned land. It contains more than 15 million properties and is designed to assist organisations in understanding information about land parcels in Australia. 

Beyond including the land parcel boundary information, CadastralPlus also includes road casements, water casements, easements, rail corridors and volumetric parcels.


  • Complete Land Tenure information, a separate product from PSMA Australia
  • Includes complete Suburb & Localities Australia dataset
  • Property IDs added to identify the relationship between a parcel and a property

Cadastral Plus Australia Parcel Maps


Increase productivity

Users can search by familiar identifiers such as street, suburb/locality as well as parcel identifier.

Produce meaningful maps

Cadastral Plus provides label points attributed with the street name inside the road casements.

Improve business intelligence

Users are able to easily gather information such as shape, size, dimensions, and ownership about any land parcel in Australia to improve their business intelligence or to develop an asset database.