Communications Suite

Comprehensive location-based coverage of telecommunications and wireless systems

Pitney Bowes provides clients in the telecommunications sector with access to the most comprehensive datasets, which offer global breadth and local depth. The combination of Pitney Bowes data, in conjunction with our Analytics and Services team allows telcos to gain a wealth of insight, knowledge and business efficiencies for: 

  • Input into strategic investment planning e.g. retail planning and asset management
  • Management of on-going profitability; fraud analysis, risk analysis and customer insight
  • Management of tactical business issues

The datasets are updated regularly to ensure clients are working with the most recent, consistent and accurate data available.

Communications System Mapping


Increased efficiencies, accuracy and productivity result in overall time savings.

Improved workflows and automation, therefore reduced costs.

Improved quality, efficiency and service assists in managing resources and improving existing operations.

Increased communication and collaboration supports an informed decision making process.


ExchangeInfo Plus

An essential tool for visualising the telecommunications landscape and associated infrastructure data.


Map database of area code boundaries in the United States


Database of local and wireless telephone service providers for the United States


Map database of Local Access Transport Areas, allowing you to easily differentiate calls carried by a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) from those carried by a long-distance provider


Industry-standard cable dataset, defining cable franchise and IPTV coverage


Database of cellular and FCC wireless market areas


Geographic depiction of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) system in the U.S.


Selected Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) entities in the U.S.


Geographic data for rate centres throughout the U.S.


Displays the local calling plans available to business and residential customers when calling to/from a given location