Hospital Boundaries

Data and attributes acute and emergency care hospitals and VA medical centers in the US and Canada.

Hospital Boundaries helps improve emergency response efficiency by providing egress points and other important details. For real estate, it can improve local search function and provide a better search experience for users. The ability to set geofences around hospital locations enables precision targeting and notification messaging. This leads to increased customer engagement and conversions.
  • Includes boundaries, centroids and names as well as hospital egress points and other attribute data
  • Annual revisits with product updates every 90 days
  • Available in the following formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, Shapefile, KML


Real estate

Prospective homebuyers and businesses are increasingly seeking communities with convenient proximity to healthier lifestyle opportunities and easier access to medical care facilities. In fact, accessibility to medical care and emergency services is a growing concern for retirees living in rural areas. Showing a property’s proximity to a hospital gives prospects real-time access to the real estate they are looking for.

Emergency response

The reliability of Hospital Boundaries can be used to process information and manage logistics during emergencies and to model and forecast disaster events. They help in developing knowledge and support mechanisms for early warning, mitigation and response planning. Use of these boundaries also supports the dissemination of information to responders during an emergency event.

Search/local search

Navigating the complexities of a hospital campus can add an extra layer of anxiety to an already stressful experience for patients, families and well-wishers. Traditional search engines, GPS providers and local companies can harness the power of Hospital Boundaries to direct patients to the nearest medical facilities. Our solution helps people find their way to appointments and amenities.