Postal Routes - US Carrier Route Boundaries

Geographic boundaries for USPS mail carrier routes

Carrier Route Boundaries is a series of map databases including carrier route and ZIP code boundaries for the United States. These boundary files, and the associated centroid files, are critical for any organisation conducting direct marketing or trying to display accurate postal boundaries via web-based applications.

  • Boundary version includes latitude/longitude coordinates for every polygon vertex (limited to records for carrier routes that have a defined area).
  • Centroid version includes all carrier routes, one record per, including “point type” routes such as P.O. boxes and other route types for which an accurate boundary could not be defined.
  • Quarterly and monthly updates available
  • Available formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, Shapefile, TAB, KML



Uses multiple data feeds, including USPS data, to ensure completeness.

Up to date

CASS certifiable data imported each month.


Rigorous linkage of ZIP+4 data to every US street segment.


Scores segments based on match rates and incorporates cleanly.

US Carrier Routes represent the area served by a particular USPS mail carrier.

How it works


Our strict data creation methodology and multi-step quality control process ensure that polygonal and point carrier routes are captured with precision.

  1. Using multiple data sources, Pitney Bowes creates boundaries that follow roads, for outstanding accuracy and visual appeal.
  2. This proprietary process captures residential and business routes with the resulting product being an ideal resource for direct marketers.
  3. A single record is created for each carrier route feature, regardless of the number of polygons that constitute it. 
  4. Such “split routes” will still contain all the necessary information to draw each polygon. In cases of split routes, the centroid file will use the gravity center point of the carrier route. This ensures that that the centroid will reside within one of the Carrier Route polygons.

Use cases

Direct mail: Save up to 40% in postage fees

When mail is presorted by carrier route, it is much cheaper and easier for the USPS to move it through the delivery system. By selecting the right Carrier Route Boundaries, businesses reduce the costs of bulk mailings, which lowers their overall marketing spend.

Notification mailings made easy

Businesses required to mail notifications to surrounding addresses rely on carrier route boundaries. Qualifying for bulk rate discounts and limiting mailings to only required addresses saves money and time.

Discover ideal locations for additional markets

Businesses replicate success by using carrier route GIS data, often with Neighbourhood Boundaries, to find markets similar to those they already own.