Market segmentation system for Canada

An essential part of the Pitney Bowes world leading geodemographic segmentation system, PSYTE HD Canada provides a discriminative consumer classification and financial classification system, specifically developed to assess the socio-economic and geodemographic profiles of neighbourhoods in Canada. PSYTE HD is linked to global geodemographics via the CAMEO International classification.


Detailed insight

Provides organisations with detailed insights into the composition of their current and potential customers.

Precision targeting

Helps organisations drive successful and profitable target marketing campaigns, market potential and site selection studies.

Understanding customers

Aids organisations in gaining a better understanding of who their customers are, what their customers purchase and what their customers like to do.

Simplify complexity

Provides a multidimensional framework that allows analysts to capture the complexity of Canadian consumer culture without having to manipulate literally hundreds of census variables, enabling analysts to locate their prime markets "on the ground"


Postal codes and Dissemination areas classified into 57 unique lifestyle groups and mutually exclusive neighbourhood types

Built on the Canadian Census demographic and socioeconomic base in addition to various other third party data inputs, all combined in a state of the art cluster build environment. The resultant clusters represent the most accurate snapshots of Canadian neighbourhoods available. PSYTE HD Canada is an effective tool for analysing customer data and potential markets. Use it to gain market intelligence and insight and to interpret consumer behaviour across the diverse Canadian marketplace.

PSYTE HD Canada cluster major groups

  • P1: Primary - Metropolitan affluent
  • P2: Primary - Metropolitan comfortable
  • P3: Primary - Metropolitan mid-scale
  • P4: Primary - Metropolitan lower middle
  • P5: Primary - Metropolitan downscale
  • S1: Secondary - Metropolitan and suburban affluent
  • S2: Secondary - Metropolitan and suburban comfortable
  • S3: Secondary - Metropolitan and suburban mid-scale
  • S4: Secondary - Metropolitan and suburban lower middle
  • S5: Secondary - Metropolitan and suburban downscale
  • T1: Rural and other comfortable
  • T2: Rural and other downscale

Linked with the Callcredit CAMEO International customer segmentation system

PSYTE HD is linked through a partnership with Callcredit Information Group. This powerful, strategic linkage allows businesses to determine like markets across countries – bi-directionally - and remove many barriers to market entry.

PSYTE HD Financial

Pitney Bowes also offers the PSYTE HD Financial geodemographic segmentation system. This classifies Canada’s neighbourhoods into distinctive types or clusters based on the financial characteristics and behaviors of the residents. Incorporating the PSYTE HD Canada segmentation system, each cluster has a name that triggers images of economic status, occupation, and the types of financial products and services that consumers in that particular cluster would purchase.

  • Helps to identify best customers and where they live
  • Empower users’ decisions for target marketing as well as market and site location studies
  • Allows for easy identification of new target groups based on financial condition and behaviours such as investing, saving and use of credit
  • Helps organisations drive successful and profitable target marketing campaigns, market potential and site selection studies