Residential Boundaries

Data pertaining to residential areas in and around metros, delineating neighbourhoods with houses and apartment complexes and excluding commercial, industrial and public spaces.

Residential is fully compatible with all Communities and Context products. Its easy to add on companion datasets to extend the characterisation of communities beyond urban neighbourhoods. By bringing together key boundary products like residential boundaries alongside flagship neighbourhoods, customers are given a unique view into a location.
  • Sourced from city or county governments, home owners’ associations, public service organisations, property and deed records; and customer input
  • Simple to integrate companion datasets that extend the community footprint beyond urban neighbourhoods
  • Available formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, Shapefile, KML, TAB
  • Updated quarterly


Real Estate Sales: Reach more homebuyers via vast coverage

This dataset continues to help real estate portals provide expanded coverage of the developments that matter to prospective home owners.

Real Estate Valuation: Fewer variables mean more reliable results

Achieve more accurate valuation and appraisal using refined data. Rather than comparing property values among mixed-use neighbourhoods that might be different from one another, Residential enables comparisons among residential-only areas that are singular in character and function.

Search/Local Search: Improve search capabilities across the board

Residential collects and organises search around common residential communities. Visitors see residential locations within the context of relevant online search activity.