School District Boundaries

School grounds and school attendance zones (SAZ)

School District Boundaries are comprised of School Ground and School Attendance Zones for public schools.

  • School Ground Boundaries represent public school campuses, providing accurate geofences for use in public safety, social and anonymous notification applications
  • School Attendance Zones Boundaries is a comprehensive dataset that includes school districts, school attendance zones (SAZ), and public as well as private school locations
  • Updated quarterly
  • Available formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, SHAPE, TAB, KML

School District Boundaries and Attendance Zones


Property appraisal and valuation

School performance affects property values. That’s why it’s important to know which school attendance zone is associated with a property to correctly estimate value. Developers, mortgage originators and other real estate industry professionals need accurate, current school boundaries when estimating the value of a home, apartment building or for new housing developments.

Emergency response and crisis management

When a crisis occurs at a school, emergency responders may need immediate access. School Ground Boundaries can be used to process information and manage logistics during emergencies. This dataset offers key insight when developing knowledge and support mechanisms for early warning, threat mitigation and response planning. Use of these boundaries also supports the dissemination of information to responders during an emergency event.

Preventing bullying via social media

Anonymous social messaging applications are growing in popularity allowing people to hide their identity, whether for personal or professional reasons. The potential benefits – and downsides – of using social networks and messaging apps are many and varied. Through School Ground Boundaries, geofences can be created for exclusion or inclusion to properly control access to applications within school grounds.