12 October 2016

Event: The Internet Retailing Conference

Venue: Novotel London West

City: London   

Country: UK


The theme for the 2016 Internet Retailing Conference is NEW HORIZONS that the modern digitally-enabled retailer can scan to satisfy the demands of the connected, savvy customer. Three parallel conference streams anticipate the response to the new pressures: engage, grow and transform. Pitney Bowes will host a workshop titled, ‘Are you ready to drive growth and expand your ecommerce brand overseas?’

Online sales in the UK, US, Germany and China are forecast to grow by £320 billion by 2018, creating an online market worth £645bn – an unprecedented opportunity for business growth. Find out how to tap into this revenue goldmine, with practical advice, best practice examples and invaluable experience shared by experts Pitney Bowes.

  • Gain insights into the best practices of leading US and UK brands that have successfully extended their business cross border such as Harrods, Macys, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

  • Learn the critical success factors of building your business in new territories and avoiding the barriers to overseas commerce. What sells well? What sells where? What services and options are most important to converting and retaining the global consumer?

  • Hear advice on how to take advantage of the borderless world of commerce to expand your business and drive new revenues.

  • Find out why forecasting tools, in-depth market intelligence and real-time data are the foundation for your business growth, helping you anticipate buying behaviours, mitigate risk and remove the guesswork from your business expansion.

  • Establish a consistent, seamless omnichannel customer experience across borders to create impact.

  • Discover how to leverage physical and digital elements of commerce to generate success and deliver a meaningful customer experience.