Global Ecommerce

Pitney Bowes cross-border Global Ecommerce solutions streamline ordering and shipping process for

Improved fulfilment and shipping solutions make checkout charges transparent, improves delivery and reduces returns.

Client profile

Lifestyle shoe retailer offering hard-to-find brands

Sells more than 200 brands, shipping to more than 20 countries

Rewards customers with Planet Rewards

Business goals

Create a more transparent online checkout process

Reduce shipping times and returns

Reduce losses incurred in Canada


International return rates 75 percent lower than US returns

Conversion rates have almost doubled globally

Canadian sales are now profitable


"Numerous international opportunities exist, and working with a reliable and trustworthy partner such as Pitney Bowes gives us the confidence to go out and expand our business." Katie Doyle,
Marketing Communications Manager

With a growing international reach, was experiencing service issues with its global customers. "Our international customers were not having a streamlined experience shopping at PlanetShoes," explained Katie Doyle, Marketing Communications Manager for the online shoe and accessories retailer. 

Business need

Global selling introduces additional requirements into the online ordering process. PlanetShoes found that although they charged a flat rate, they were losing money, particularly in Canada.

"We had many orders that customers were actually refusing because they were not aware of all the charges (such as taxes and duties) that were going to accompany the packages," Brooks Maitland, Director of Merchandising for PlanetShoes, said. "The additional challenge was the length of time it was taking for the packages to arrive because of the internal process we had to go through to ship internationally."


After vetting companies who offered solutions for international shipping services, PlanetShoes selected Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Global Ecommerce solutions for its ease of integration, the centrally located shipping hub and its simple pricing structure.

Adding in the duty and shipping costs at the point of checkout, Pitney Bowes provides clarity and accuracy in the buying process, as well as transparency in delivery to the international consumer.

The Pitney Bowes solution integrates PlanetShoes' systems with requirements for international ecommerce, including identifying the customer's home country seamlessly during the checkout process. When the customer adds a shoe to the shopping cart, the site identifies the user’s country and automatically calculates all applicable taxes, duties and brokerage fees to the cart, saving time and money and avoiding unwanted surprises.  


"Pitney Bowes has made things a lot easier for our customers. They have one charge to their credit cards, and the process is extremely easy and transparent." Katie Doyle,
Marketing Communications Manager

Customers get to see all of the charges and duties up front so there are no surprises when the package arrives at their door. In fact, return rates for the company’s international orders are 75 percent lower than US returns.

As a result, the company’s conversion rates has almost doubled. Canadian sales are now profitable. Negative feedback has vanished. PlanetShoes continues to add new shipping destinations—10 additional countries in February 2014 and 60 more in August 2014. The company proactively markets in the top 20 countries and has seen traffic double in most countries.

"Working with Pitney Bowes has put us in a really great position to grow," Doyle observes. ”Numerous international opportunities exist, and working with a reliable and trustworthy partner such as Pitney Bowes gives us the confidence to go out and expand our business."