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Software solutions to accelerate profitable growth, optimize regulatory compliance and turn customer experience into a lasting competitive advantage.

When you know your customers better, you get better results.


Compliance and growth are often seen as disparate objectives, but with Pitney Bowes, they don’t have to be. We can help you know more about your customers, so you can achieve more. Our tools make it easy to more accurately identify every customer, and provide clear context for their environment, relationships and behaviors. You can then apply this information to improve business results across your strategic initiatives. 


Know your customer (KYC) and achieve compliance at a lower cost

Minimize false positives and increase investigator productivity.

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Single Customer View >

Increase customer acquisition and deepen relationships

Use analytics to make better channel decisions and set strategy and goals.

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Enhance customer lifetime value and experience

Enrich engagement with personalized, highly relevant interactions via low-cost channels.

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Compliance is more challenging than ever. You face an exponential rise in transaction volume, coupled with new, more stringent regulations. Organizations that fall short face harsh penalties, damaged reputations and loss of customer trust.

Pitney Bowes helps you:


01. Find


Clarify financial relationships by confirming the identities of all parties to each transaction. Sophisticated software helps standardize and validate your customer data to identify matches using advanced algorithms. More accurately resolve identities by comparing millions of name variations, including nicknames and different spellings, across 143 cultures worldwide. Solve complex consumer address issues. Use the corrected data to create precise customer profiles that let you recognize your customers, improve compliance and lower costs.

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02. Link


Make the right connections across parties, accounts and transactions. Easily correlate, link and store data from multiple sources to improve match confidence and insight. Create unique identifiers to connect the dots across complex relationships and investigations. Capture feedback to minimize false positives and update customer risk profiles.

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03. Visualize


Use rapid data modeling to create a knowledge graph that makes it easy to detect complex relationships across roles, processes and interactions. Reveal non-obvious links between entities and identify hidden risks. Benchmark activities against trends in your exception records, and identify key performance indicators. Expedite workflows with customer-centric rules that consolidate, assign and prioritize alerts. Improve productivity by eliminating time spent toggling between multiple systems, and achieve better outcomes at lower cost.

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Capitalize on all your data assets.

Just because your business operates in silos, doesn’t mean your data has to. Our Single View solution pulls data from disparate systems for centralized, cross-platform access. Tools that integrate easily with your existing infrastructure work together to let you capitalize on customer data and insights like never before. You can deliver more personalized, appropriate and relevant customer communications, even as your operations become more streamlined, automated and laser-focused on customer needs.

Experience counts.

Pitney Bowes provides an integrated approach to the business challenges financial services companies face. Work with our service delivery team or one of the partners in our global network to:

  • Access the right data and insights to meet your business needs.
  • See results sooner with fast, flexible implementation.
  • Protect your investment with solutions that integrate easily with your existing infrastructure.
  • Drive more value from the resources you already have.

Download: Maximize banking relationships with a single customer view.


Add value at every step.


Streamline onboarding.

Engage more consistently across channels.

Boost retention.

Bring new intelligence to cross-sell and upsell.






Using insights and analytics, you can design customized interactions that will enhance each customer’s experience and increase wallet share.




Create value with more meaningful engagements

Increase satisfaction and lifetime value with every interaction, while employing lower cost digital channels. Use data-driven insights to transform everyday communications and deliver contextual, personalized customer experiences. Anticipate customer needs, and present next best actions in real time, across multiple channels.

Unlock new engagement opportunities

Tap into the power of interactive personalized video to elevate your communications into experiences that matter, across the entire customer journey. Dynamic, rules-based content creates unique, self-directed interactions that customers can access at their convenience across multiple channels. You benefit from the ability to capture data that leads to greater insights and opportunities.

Welcome new customers aboard

Guide them through the crucial period immediately after signup, efficiently and cost effectively. Greet them by name, give them a tour of services. Show them how to use digital tools and resources to manage their accounts. Help them plan for the future and reach their goals. Provide answers to specific questions.

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Make your statements explain themselves

Boost satisfaction with personalized statement explainers that help customers understand their statements, find important information, and learn about related products and services that are likely to be of interest.





Pinpoint the most promising opportunities for growth.


Optimize your investment in bricks and clicks

Customers demand the convenience and simplicity of online banking but still seek a personal touch for more complex interactions. With accurate customer data and advanced analytics, you can direct low-value activities to lower cost channels, while supporting high-touch interactions as needed at physical locations.

Locate potential

To compete and win market share, you need to know where your market is and where it’s going. Branches are expensive to operate, so selecting the best location is important. When you combine geographic, demographic and behavioral data, you can understand your markets in detail.

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Maximize performance

Despite their high cost, branches are still vital to customer acquisition. Branches are where new accounts are opened, and where relationships are formed. Analytics can help you determine the right mix of products and services to offer at each location. Then you can align performance goals and resources with opportunity, and target high-value customers in the area with personalized, relevant communications.

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Onboard and keep high-value customers

Make a positive impression in the crucial first days of the relationship. Start with a highly personalized digital approach such as interactive personalized video, and set the tone for long-term success. Next, reach out via multiple channels with personalized follow-up communications that build trust and prove you appreciate their business. Collect new insights that will help you solidify and grow the relationship with offers that complement current accounts and lifestyle.

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Get the maximum value from your software. With more precise data, you can enhance insight and planning of branch networks and market segments, broaden understanding of customers, uncover opportunity and manage risk.

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