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Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a hybrid digital mail and print platform to orchestrate and digitalise vital, complex business mail processes with total precision.

Become digital by default

Digital transformation sits at the heart of delivering operational excellence in the next normal. Becoming digital first allows your business to be more agile, responsive and efficient than ever before.

We can help accelerate your digital transformation with a hybrid digital mail and print platform that enables the automation of digital document sends for physical print, production or digital delivery. The result? Less bottle necks, faster response times and more efficient processes.

Just click. We’ll do the rest.

Digital, connected and agile

We make it simple to automate complex mailing tasks so you can send digital documents for physical print, production and delivery. We’ll connect your remote teams too, streamlining complex processes and increasing operational efficiency

Efficiency on demand

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Become faster, more agile and efficient

Our hybrid digital mail and print platform enables organisations to transform and automate complex mailing processes.

Our unique print driver makes the platform fast and easy to use, and you can start sending your first mail within hours.

The changing business landscape in numbers

  • 1 in 5 companies feel they don’t have the right partner ecosystems to enable transformative success
  • 90% of large organizations globally will have adopted robotic process automation in some form by 2022
  • 89% of leading digital businesses cite the value of agile, scalable IT in dealing with 2020 disruption
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Mailstream on Demand Hybrid Mail Solution
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‘Hybrid Mail helped to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve productivity.’

Neil Oakey, Director, Preim LTD

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